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Promoting safe lane splitting

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Fa1c0n, Jun 4, 2014.

  2. Ummm...
    Yeah well, in a rationale world the message is be fine, but in our risk-averse nanny state I can see a problem with it. It doesn't differentiate between filtering and splitting and doesn't differentiate the very different risk profiles. That would be too complicated for a 30sec ad. and the only message our critics would take would be the bit about it being 'dangerous'.
    It's good, but only from the position of having the law the way you want it and not much chance of it being overturned.
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  3. A variation on this in NSW could work in a few weeks time:

    "Lane filtering is now legal, so drivers be careful and riders ride responsibly, etc"

    It doesn't need the negative first bit of the above ad.
  4. I the Kwikasfuki had been going a bit faster, he would've been through before the car pulled out of its lane. 3:)
  5. I see, like the knobs here, the driver's indicators were painted on.
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  6. That ad is shit
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  7. smee has spoken, very eloquent as well :ROFLMAO:
  8. Doesn't really need anything else ;)
  9. How did you even..... *sigh*
  10. Just because you agree with the message doesn't mean you need to suck it's dick and buy it dinner.

    The ad is unmemorable showing little evidence that its producers had any concept of how to sell a message.
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  11. Is American, who cares.
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  12. Bahaha. Please do tell me how posting it with no comments other than "Promoting safe lane splitting" is sucking the ads dick?

    You are going to have to elaborate here, because your comment was just plain old, fcuking retarded.
  13. I thought your remarks on smee's thoughts were questioning whether it was shit. That sounds like a little lady boner for the ad to me.
  14. Well it would seem you may have misunderstood. It was a comment towards Smee in general, just his usual eloquence.

    Anyway I am getting off topic now, I'm going to need you to explain to me how to suck an ad's dick - because I am just not sure how to go about it. Sounded to me like you happened to be rather educated on the topic. Any tips you might have would be great.
  15. Get yer teeth outta the way.
  16. The ad is quite ok ... it would need a local remake for this market though.
  17. This ad is designed as a wake-up call to riders and cagers about their shared responsibility regarding filtering and splitting in CA, where this practice is legal. It has no use in a campaign for changing laws to allow filtering and splitting.
  18. Doesnt this belong in the dumb ass questions thread? Watch out, Justus is about!
  19. Looks more like a PSA to me. It's use would be to inform the general public as an awareness campaign.
    As for campaigns to change the laws about filtering I thought it was a done deal in NSW even though the actual legislation hasn't been rubber stamped as yet. Qld seems set to follow suit. Suck eggs Victoria =D
  20. Actually I think it has, it's just that the start date hasn't passed yet.