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Prolly only of interest to [SA] 360k run

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by resurrection, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. The intro:
    A mate of mine and I went a-riding today and I would have to say that
    it was probably the best days riding that I have had.
    Firstly, the weather was superb over here in SA and despite the fact that
    every man and his dog were out driving, very few of these men and dogs got
    in the way of our riding pleasure ( Hooray!) :grin:
    The bikes:
    Me on my VFR750
    Anthony on his very new R1
    The route:
    We met at cnr of Blacks Road and South road, so it was only a couple of
    K's into the hills. We headed up to Chandlers Hill and were unfortunately
    balked on the series of 50k bends that I use to get in the groove - oh well
    plenty more bends in store.Straight over the top of the hill and onto the old
    Clarendon road which is pretty much just local traffic these days. 80k limit
    few k's of 50k to 25k bends ( I'll use signposted speeds for all speed notes)
    Road surface is patchy but mostly clear of gravel and debri and not too shady.

    After Clarendon again 80k limit and only a few 45k ish bends over the next 5k
    to Kangarilla. Then to Meadows (a further 12k), half of which is no overtaking
    and usually busy. 60-70k bends, 80k limit and good surface. Then road straightens,
    limit increases to 100k and overtaking is ok.

    After Meadows there was basically no traffic other than ourselves over 13k of the
    most glorious set of bends. :grin: 100k limit, 60k bends one after the other. Bliss!
    Road surface very good, but some heavily shaded bends. Very little debri.
    Rated 3rd fave section for the day

    About 12k out of Ashbourne, hang a right and head to Mount Compass, a further
    13k of secondary road - pretty rough to start then new road ( unfortunately unfinished)
    for a few bends -60k that seem to go on and on. Then test your dirt riding skills for
    about 5k. When this road is finished it will be worth riding it -
    there's very little traffic and the road is wide enough for passing.

    Turn right at Mt Compass and head to Adelaide for a few ks and then left toward
    Myponga. Fast bends on 100k secondary little trafficked road. Surface good but Anthony
    (Who took the lead on this section) complained of head shaking in a number of bends.
    The VFR only shook once. Bigtime but only momentary. Very little debri and shade
    not much of a problem. - But Anthony was happy when he bought a pasty from the bakery
    Taste - apparently excellent

    Myponga to Delamere through Yankalilla and Normanville.
    This was the worst of the ride in regard to traffic and the very good surface and bends
    ranging from 45k to 80k were pretty much wasted. :cry: :cry: 35k clean unshaded bends.
    At least there was some ocean views as we dawdled along.

    Oh Boy! Now the fun really begins.
    Delamere to Victor Harbour - 47ks
    Road surface -Very good
    Speed limit 100k
    Shade factor - low
    Bends - 95k to 45k
    Traffic - light
    Fun factor - 2nd top for the day

    Victor to Goolwa - no fun - 'nuff said.

    Goolwa to Ashbourne - first half very good surface - tends to high traffic but easily passed
    100k limit - a few nice bends clean and unshaded.
    Second half - fair to good surface, tighter bends, less traffic, some shade.
    Relax on this section in preparation for the next leg.

    Ashbourne to Strathalbyn 13k of let it all hang out.
    Shade is a bit of a problem but learn the road (you'll keep coming back) and go for it.
    I particularly enjoy the road in the direction as noted 'cos the bends start out 80k and gradually
    tighten to 60k - sweet!
    Surface - very good and grippy so debri not much of a concern.
    100k limit
    Guaranteed to have you smiling as you roll into Strath. :grin: :grin: :grin:
    Top rated - no question
    And a visit to Garage Motorcycles is highly recommended - good coffee and asstd
    Aprilias and sporty jap bikes to drool over.

    Strath onwards - we went via Callington and Nairne - uninspiring to Kanmantoo, but then to Nairne
    (if you can escape the traffic) is a good set of bends 60k to 35k and generally good surface,
    clean and unshady.

    However my recommendation would be returning to Adelaide via Macclesfield, Flaxley and Echunga
    (this is simply an awesome ride with an incredible collection of bends)
    where we rejoin you after Nairne - Mt Barker.

    Echunga to Stirling - warm down time after your thrash through Flaxley etc
    Surface ranges from good to Mylor, then crap to fair into Stirling although generally traffic
    is the biggest problem here.

    Now I've led you over 350k of great roads, so f$%k ya - find your own way home. :p

    My thanks to
    for the maps
  2. i took a step outside in the moring and it started to piss down
    lucky you live in the sth side
    been hangin to go out for a ride for a while
    hopefully next week the sun will be out
  3. Apologies, the ride was yesterday (Sunday) - I was just too slack to post it