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Prolly another silly question - and now I own a bike. YAY

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Madness, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. I have done a search on this but haven't found much.

    OK. If i happen to go buy a bike, say, this weekend. Do I ride it home? Or do they deliver it? As I am on my own, I was thinking if I need to get it home I'll need to organise stuff before I go.
  2. It's all up to you.

    If you feel confident enough, ride it home. If not, see if the seller would be generous to ride it to your place (or get a friendly NR to follow you).
  3. Im sure if you asked the dealer they would get it to you if you didnt feel confident enough to ride it home.

    As Haggismaen said, Im sure a friendly netrider could ride with you if you wanted to give it a go.......
  4. Or you can push it home.
    Had to push my bike for 6km. But that was cos I crashed it.
  5. Re: Peolly another silly question

    if you have no riding experience get them to drop it off, I've heared alot of sad stories of people & mates crashing there bikes on there way home
  6. Yep I agree Filo01.

    Madness, if you're asking the question, I say get someone to ride it home for you..... I did and am so glad :)
  7. Thanks again for your help. I think I will get them to get it home for me. I would feel much more confident doing that. Then I can ride it at my will without anyone perving on me. hehehe

    Thanks again, I just wasn't sure. I have bought cars and know what to do because I generally have someone with me. But a bike? it is all so new to me.

    Thanks, this place is a very valuable source of info
  8. I was going to ask the exact same question.. hopefully getting my bike on Saturday if i get my L's tomorrow.

    but I'd be jealous of the salesman guy who got to ride it before I did! :p I guess safety first.. :]
  9. Depends on the place. Some deliver on the back of a ute, so it doesn't get used at all. Any place might charge you a fee. Ask them what your options are.

    It's not uncommon to have to wait for you chosen bike. If it's new, they might not have one (other than the demo) in stock. If it's second hand, they might not have done the roadworthy.
  10. Just tell them you will need to have it delivered, no need to explain why, and they will have it dropped off, normally after business hours buy the member of the service staff who use the ute. All dealers should have a ute or trailer specifically for transporting bikes.

  11. I don't need to worry about a salesman riding it first. I am going for a second hand bike.

    If I could get the new 2007 GPX250 for $6000 ride away or slightly under, i'd jump at it. But doesn't seem you can get the new one's for that.
  12. Cheapest I've seen is $6,600 (got mine for that).
  13. ahhhhhhhhhhh i got a bike after two weeks of searching. 2006 GPX with 12000 on the clock. I pick it up in about an hour. And it is only 5 mins from home. YAY

    Once i have pics, will show ya all. Im really nervous but excited all the same.
  14. :woot: Congrats! How many minutes to go? :grin:
  15. OK...taking a few deep breath's. I am now home and officially own a bike. Shit. You don't think it wasn't scary riding home. I had thought, ahhhhh it'll be ok riding home that short distance. WHOA. I was really nervous and just didn't realise it would be that hard at first.

    Even though I went on the quietest roads I could, it was still peak hour and still really scary. I pulled over to the side a few times just to practice going down the gears as I found that was my scariest thing when having to come to a stop with anything behind me. Trying to remember how many gears i'd gone up...

    I got home in one piece, but legs were very shaky. Still are a bit.

    So, has anyone else had the nerves like that?

    I must say, the bikes I learned on (hoping i can explain this right) the whole front end turned when you turned the handlebars. With this bike, the front bit didn't turn. I almost died when I took off thinking i was on a bicycle where the handlebars were loose and they turned but the wheel didn't. I just hadn't thought about it while doing all my sits on them. lol. Was a weird feeling.
  16. congrats on your new bike!!!
    where did you score the lovely GPX from??

    I spent my learners and restrictions on the same year GPX and I loved it!!
    and only just upgraded a month or so ago

  17. Congrats! The scary feeling goes after a while, now you just have to practice and you'll soon build up your confidence and you'll feel so good about riding. You did VERY well to ride home on your own though.

    Keep safe :grin:
  18. That first ride on your own would have to be the scariest I know it was for me now I can't stay off my bike :grin:

  19. Tracey, I actually think I bought your bike... The girl who owned this bike, her name was Tracey, if it is you, then they like you a lot at this suzuki shop...
  20. tell him how much you used to thrash it Tracey!! :p :LOL: :LOL: