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Project Voyager

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by saintan, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. Kawasaki ZN 1300 Voyager.

    Currently spread over a wide area, I ran out of cash. Mostly cosmetic and rectifying minor problems.

    plastic fairing has extensive cracking, vents fallen out ect. Being duel skin plastic fairing will make it marginaly more difficult to weld up. Most repairs to this bikes fairing are just glue a shaped metal sheet in for support without any welding.

    My plan is to weld all cracks, hopefully without adding stress zones by the heat of the welding and then use a flexible "epoxy resin" to add strenth to the fairing. Damn I hope it dosn't crack up again after because I'll be makeing it virtualy impossible for any future repairs.

    The front forks are all done, everything is new in them, rechromed and powder coated black from my good friend Shaun at SOS Suspension at penrith, the guys a genious when it comes to suspension and modified the "gold valves" to suit.

    Cant afford the rear shocks yet, over 1k to be spent on the ass end, other work I can't afford atm is shims and coils to get back ease of starting. All Z13's are shockers for starting after valve shims are worn and coils getting old.

    Start getting everything ready to paint and it's all being done a "dark amethyst pearl metalic", I should have everything I need to get that done except I want to get another "air reciever" for my compressor so I don't run low on air while spraying.

    Need to sort out the sound system as it gets closer to completion.

    I'm only on the pension and can't afford shit mostly, going to tech while bringing up my 6 y/o daughter solo, this is not a hurried project by any means.

    As i get something worth takeing a picky of, I'll let you all know. When done (as long as I don't stuff up the paint) it will be a totaly stunning motor cycle.

    One of the last modifications to it will be the seat, yet to be ripped apart and plastic weld arm and back rests for the little pillion I'll be carrying then decide if I want to tackle upholstery. (doubt it though, leave that to a proffesional)

    In full touring trim with luggage and pillion, 1/2 ton of motor cycle is the most awsome beast I could ever envision. The paint looks nearly black in the shade and sparkles up with brilliant dark blueish/purple hue in the sun.
  2. Sounds great Saintan, hope to see some pics when you are ready.

    Oh by the way he spells his name Sean. :grin:
  3. thanks man, it's actualy spelt Sea'n but pronounced shaun,, lol.

    Damn good bloke, speaking to him today, I stored the forks incorectly and lost a small amount of oil and free of charge he is takeing them back to remove the spring and empty out the fork oil and replace with the correct amount again. pretty good for my stuff up.

    I should of been doing algebra and trigonometry today for tech but instead polishing up my mags and will do the steering head bearings probably Saterday. (Tech commintments)

    Just getting it in a "wheel around" state and make it look like a motorcycle again then I have to attack the fairing.

    I'll get a picky of the bikes current state shortly and scan a few pictures before and now and host them at imageshack.

    Can't get my forks to Sean for a few weeks but have plenty to do till then. The fairing scares me a lot, it's in such a sorry state of repair and I pray it comes out structualy stable : )

    I'll try to get some picky's up of both Z13 and ZN13 by Monday. You'll wonder why I pulled the Voyager apart in the 1st place,,lol.

    Don't ever ask me of my plans for the XY Falcon, the Voyager won't be anything compared to the Falc.



  4. When pulling something apart, never assume it was correctly assembled.

    Bought new front wheel bearings/seal toaday to find two things wrong.

    1stly there was damage in the hub preventing one bearing from sitting flush, evidence of a past butcher but I can't explain all the damage.

    2ndly, with only 4 parts and 2 circlips, it was assembled incorectly. Not a real drama, it just makes you wonder!
  5. Will see if my spare few dollars can afford to do the shims finaly.

    I'm good at my trade but I'm no mechanic and expect to have fun, I don't want to replace coils/leads as this is a bit of a problem with 13's part wise.

    But all 13's need perfect shims, coils and leads or suffer thier dreaded starting woes. Z13's only have 2 probs if you ever think of buying one, shims need to be perfect and thier cam chain tensioner is bodgy.

    Cam chain tensioner will be the big headache, most replace with a ZX10 unit but it's not as bad as original but still not adequate. A suitable replacement will require a ZX10 with a custom wound spring or look at converting to the hydraulic unit availabe in later versions. (any one know a good joint that custom winds springs in Sydney?)

    This is the 1st basic rebuild, a few trips around Aus and get further into it next time and bring up to show class standards. (money permitting)