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Project Virago

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Artie, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. This is a tad premature (normal for me according to Gretl :)) as I don't have a chassis. So go to the wanted section of the forum if you have an early Virago in unregisterable 'rat' condition. I have cash!

    I wont give out too many details ye,t except to say I've been collecting parts for this project for years and NOW its time for a donor chassis to become mine.

    A teaser, and a ride the first to work out what I'm building, a hint..... the piano man.....
  2. An update, I found the bike I needed to kick this off. Sadly though Im off for a while so apart from this, I wont be posting anything for several weeks. Ill put a pictorial list of the bits Ive put together so far.....

    1710453976374040_1. 00911. $T2eC16hHJIQE9qUHu0NkBR(EFGQe8Q~~60_1. 1710254160594040_1. 1210498525894040_2.
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    Ive found a wire wheel for the front but still looking for a rear....if anyone has a shaft drive Virago wire spoked rear wheel, in any condition, Id like to hear from you.... There are heaps more parts hidden away and Ill have to go find them again.... but the project is now a goer!

    Parts have come from all over, some ebay some direct from the usual suppliers and some from wreckers.... so far I don't really have much dollars tied up but when I start Ill try and keep a tally of costs etc.

    2512120690984040_1. 3708297982494040_1. 2211666227344040_1. 3707866141384040_1. mo_SuknSh6loAxyNjZFdEjw.
  4. finally, Ill have loads of Virago parts for sale, if anyone needs anything drop me a line....
  5. That's a cool selection of teaser photos you are putting up - I can see the bike (just) you are aiming for.

    Will it be ratty or pure bling?
  6. Gday mate, pure bling is the aim, time will tell how I go. As I've said, I've seen pics of this bike so its not like I'm inventing anything....... Ive looked at ways I can 'improve' on the original concept..... and just cant see any...so its reproduce not innovate.... the sincerest form of flattery....
  7. After an overseas trip I finally got to pick up the Virago, it is cosmetically tatty, bad chrome etc, but mechanically great! Perfect for my needs. Its so good that I registered the thing. Two reasons, firstly it will be easier to re-register it as a modified machine, secondly I get to see if it has problems before I begin, well, none so far. Engine runs really well and pulls hard from nearly no revs, exactly what this build requires. I really really don't like the seating position though, its clear I aint no cruiser user! I'll update plans a bit more tonight.

  8. This?? :)

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    Spoked wheel. oh my god.... you picked it!!!! That's hilarious.....

    Actually not quite... but this is the basis for the project...... An early Virago stripped and remodelled to resemble a Vincent Rapide, owned by Billy Joel and created by Doc from the Chop Shop.......

    My only departure is I'm using the stock single disc, the Grimeca 4 shoe system is still available new for around 1800 euro.... looks the part ....but......

    The hard part was finding the spoked rear hub which I scored from a wreckers in Sydney, fairly rare it appears....


  10. and a walk around by the creator....

  11. What the original beast looks like.... 1951-Vincent-Rapide.
  12. Well, its been a while and many things have happened and many k's are under my bum on this beasty.

    I started with the idea that I was enjoying riding this thing, very quickly I grew quite fond of the ole girl, so much so that the plan wa hatched to do the conversion in 'batches' meaning it wouldnt actually be off the road very much at all.

    I started therefore with the front end and firstly fitted the flat bars and went for a ride, problem solved!!! I now love the riding pozzy, in fact I love it a lot! So a few rides occured and a problem arose........ I like this version of the bike too much to create the 'Vincent' look-a-like...... from this machine......

    So now Im looking for another donor chassis :banghead: .......... trying to explain this to the Minister of Finance..........

    So, lets look at this as a bike in its own right:

    • flat bars fitted and cables re-routed so length is ok
    • flat master cylinder fitted (old one was severely angled to cater for the highway bars)
    • Gauges changed for smaller units
    • rear pegs removed
    So now a lot more to think about as a new direction is apparent..... basically a tidy up, fit the wire wheels (original rims), work out what will be painted, rechromed etc.

    I just like the 'old school' looks, the slow reving loping rumble from the pipes and the torque, you really dont need to use the gear box much, it pulls from idle speeds...... very relaxing..... (y)


    IMG_1049.JPG IMG_1050.JPG
  13. Looks like fun

    It's a good example of why you shouldn't be afrad to ride something different - you never know what you might enjoy.

    Its easier to ask for forgiveness rather than permission ;)
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    wow...so much time has passed since my last visit...so much has happened.... I wont go into stuff too deeply, but a divorce, a serious illness, loss of many close rello's and a year wandering around Europe... suddenly its been 3 years since Ive logged in ...

    Well, the Yam...I rode it heaps and then put her in storage with the Duke while I wandered, came home and dug her out...shes really still very ugly, although now sporting the wire wheels...


    So I thought, time to get where I was going, lowered the front end (internally).... and stripped it....cleaned, painted refurbished..... just the normal stuff....

    Chassis 3.
    And now just deciding on the final finishing touches....there is a lot to see if you want, while this looks simple, it wasn't.... much to make etc, nothing is off the shelf on these damn things, say so if you want to see progress pics...

    The result, ready for seat pan to be covered (seat pan was an epic), paint applied is a sight coat, helps pick up the defects, almost all of this will be sanded off, but it will be black.....chassis is very dusty at the moment, she shines up nicely...


    paint 7a.

    Ill put up some more, but right now I'm back on a plane for Venice...unfinished business.....

    Attached Files:

  15. And I'm gathering the bits to fit up a GSXR 06 front fork and brake set... as in this beasty.... the spoked hub alone is $600 ....

  16. and this is the 'heart' of the conversion, the triple tree stem.......

  17. I like your vision a lot. FWIW I have a pair of USD CBR1000R forks in case you can't find your GSX set?
  18. Thanks, but I'm far too financially into it to change direction now.... have the adapter, hub is ordered, forks and triple tree is on its way...just need discs and calipers... everything else should be here when I get home.... but...same process as before, I might register it with the current front end, then fit the GSXR bits....
  19. No problems. Wasn't sure how committed your were. Definitely get the rego before you start modifying. Save you much grief ;-)
  20. Yeah I will, particularly as its as it was when it was last registered, so nothing to do to it.... its been a huge learning curve, laws on the width of indicators when mounted, all lenses are E stamped, loads of little crap to ensure it wont have any issues when hitting the blue slip...and the docs to prove all this to the inspector when he sees a highly modified machine.... luckily its 'old' so, 'pre' a lot of issues... which was why it was chosen.... I did consider joining a club and using historic rego, but the thought of being curtailed in its use put me off.... and it appears the local club scene is 'restoration oriented', mods are highly frowned upon... each to their own.

    Incidentally, with a mind on the next project...how complete are your forks and how much were you asking? Conversion stems are available for them as well :)