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(Project) VFR400 Track Bike wiring loom.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by gix750, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. I am not an auto electrician but I have been working on a wiring loom for a VFR400 track bike. The person I am doing this for wants no road gear, only what's needed for the track.
    I have run the wires temperately and have ordered some new original plug couplers. It a lot less wires then the original.
    I just hope it all works and I haven’t forgotten anything.
    The image below is the wiring diagram I drew up from the original.


  2. Hey mate, I've got no idea what I'm looking at, but you can save at least 4kg off an nc30 by running a total loss system (no battery, reg/rec, generator, pulleys, wiring etc).

    Check out www.400greybike.co.uk/forum for a comprehensive total loss system rundown.

    Edit: Hey gix750, not sure if you're aware, but if you simply remove the speedo on these bikes (without appropriate resistors, etc [see above link]), it cuts two cyclinders at 5500rpm...
  3. You are right in that running a total loss setup would save a lot more weight but in the club events he does the rules won't allow it.
    Would be very simple though.

    Edit: The speedo has been removed already and the mod already done.
    There is a 180Kmh speed limiter that is by passed with a resister 2.2k ohm bridged across the two of the three wires that go into the speedo.
    Dont cut the green one. The site you mentioned is a good on for VFR400 information.