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Project Scorpio

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by crusey, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. Howdy Folks,

    Been commuting on the powerhouse that is the Yamaha Scorpio for a couple of years (try not to laugh)

    Had a chance to pick up some cheap go fast bits from a contact in Indonesia

    Having them fitted by Brett at Madbiker next week

    Not expecting a power gain, just a nice sound and perhaps a few more revs

    6 Sigma Carb Rejet Kit - $40
    VR custom exhaust - $120
    Air Filter - $15



    Air filter


    Will post a couple of pics once installed

  2. Exhaust, Air Filter and Carb Rejet Kit all done

    Bike sounds great, allthough a little too loud (will need a baffle)

    Main jet was changed from a 110 to a 127.5

    Bike feels more responsive and revs a little higher, might be just the sound though




    Thanks to Brett at Madbiker for the install and tune, great job as usual

  3. they have these at the learner range in in SA... Gutless POS if i'm perfectly honest. HOWEVER, awesome for learning and getting around the city on. Given a choice between any scooter (even some of those big 600cc jobbies) and this, i'd take this.

    How do you find the clutch on yours? Is there any feedback whatsoever in it? Or is it as light as a feather?

    Have you got any other mods planned? I really can't think of anything else decent to do to a commuter to make it any better. This thing is just about perfect stock...
  4. Changed the tires for some Bridgestone Battlax BT45's, stockers were fairly ordinary

    Swapped the crappy headlight globe with a decent one

    Never had an issue with the clutch, first bike so nothing to compare it to I guess

    25km / litre around town works for me (25,000 kms in 2.5 years) and it hasnt missed a beat

  5. Bt45s eh? Thats what I upgraded from and I thought they were pretty ordinary.

    For your next tyre change have a look at a Dunlop GPA200 or something. they are a hard touring tyre. But, they are soft on the edges which means they handle pretty well.
  6. Think the BT45s ride pretty well, much better than the crappy stockers especially in the wet

    Only got 9000 kms out of the rear though which is a bit of a worry

    Trying a Pirelli rear in a couple of weeks

  7. Because its a twofiddy, you can't really go wrong. However, 9000ks sounds really low. I got 10,000+ out of a full sports tyre...

    Make sure your pressures are right. And maybe speak to a reputable NEUTRAL tyre dealer about what tyres would be good for use as commuters. However, I don't think you can go much wrong.
  8. Changed the rear out now running a Pirelli Sport Demon