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Project Revere

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by redrocket, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. Considering it will be years before I get a new bike,
    I'm on the verge of pulling the revere apart and doing some mods, to give it a new look & feel.
    I figure I could chip away at it as funds became available.
    So, starting with a $1500 NTV650....

    I hope to end up with a naked version of this....
    or this....
    (a Honda Hawk NT650) which is basically a USA chain driven version of the same bike.
    I realise taste is a personal thing, but I reckon both these bikes are good examples of some sweet mods.
    I'm aiming to modify the exhaust, seat, rear frame, lights, indicators, clip ons etc. and hopefully end up with a nice 'low cost' alternative to a new bike.
    Any hints, tips and recommendations for parts will be appreciated.
  2. Mate hit ebay for some of them wheels they fitted to there bikes over there thats my suggestion for a start or see if the local grey importers have some spare honda wheels to suit it also.
    Got to get rid of those post haste i reckon also see if the local glass guys have got the classic honda fairing of the CB 450 CB750 full faired they would look great on that unit painted red silver yellow stripe.

    For the rear subframe see it the RVF400 would fit.

    Good luck
  3. thanks Brucey, that's the kinda info I'm looking for, a mix of what'll fit, what looks best and what i can afford!!!
    the wheels will probably be the last things i replace!
  4. I am a proud owner of a NT 650 bros. It is fitted with a supertrapp exhaust, stage 1 jet kit and a K&N air filter. the down side is the 10 Liter tank with a rane of 150-170 K's.

    There are plenty of us web sites that deal with the NT 650