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Project Pantah

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by fightingtiger, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys

    Just somewhere to collate the details of getting my new Ducati 500SL Pantah back on the road.

    Got my learners in December, always wanted a Ducati, found a 500SL Pantah loved it rang the guy back late that night but didnt hear back fro him.

    Found another Pantah while googleing, went and saw that one, rang the guy the next day and bought it.

    Bit rough looking, mechanically o.k., a nice project bike. Looks like a Ducati, sounds like a Ducati - love it :)

    Posts t follow as i get on with the job of getting it roadworthy for either club plates or full rego.

    Catch ya


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  2. List of things to do:

    1. Dead left hand switch block.

    2. no tacho working

    3. Dont like the fairing

    4. Oil leak in oil level window on clutch side of engine.

    5. Paint work is ratty and faded.

    6. Get roadworthy

    7. Get rego :)
  3. Easy ones first.

    2. Tacho no working - missing tacho cable - rang road and race - two days later a cable arrives, it fits and the tacho now works :)

    3. Dont like the fairing - i think the current on is of a 900ss or something like that, it also has a replacement fuel tank not a real Pantah one but I dont mind the tank.

    Called the guys at Prix Historic, as it turned out I was heading to Phillip Island for a weekend of Alfa's so dropped into see Michelle - turns out her hubby has a pantah in bits :)

    Decided on an original Pantah 500SL fairing, and after some discussions with the Wife also decided the Ducati should be Yellow and black. I am of course a mad Richmond fan but also I like the yellow of the classis 748 series and think it would look super cool on the Pantah.

    Fairing ordered problem solved.
  4. Now the hard ones.

    1. Dead left hand switch block.

    Quick call to GowanLoch - very helpful gave some advice, chased aroudn and then just rang back and said send me one.

    The switch block which arrived was an M.C.S. CS2 not the same but I was sure it would do the job. The original light switching was o.k. but the blinker switch and horn were stuffed.

    Found a manual for free :) and sat down with a beer and then tweo coffees to work out the wiring and see how this could all be put back together.

    Drew up a diagram, went out to the bike, threw that diagram away, went out to the bike again, this time it looked o.k.

    On my first free day, armed with my diagram, the new switch, a multimeter and cutters out I went.

    I bought one of those Party Tents from Deals direct - around $100 bucks, 3 X 6 meters and reasonably stable so I now have a bike workshop :)

    Lets start easy I said hook up the horn and the new blinkers - bugger Horn doesnt work and the blinkers all go on together regardless of whether I turn left or right - not an expert but that could be dangerous to a bike on the road in Coburg :-(

    It was late so inside to bed.

    Up early next day, first the horn. Dismantled it, jumpered it to 12V BRRRRR, sounded a bit whimpy but at least it makes noise. Decided the issue was poor earth, so need to get a couple of saw tooth lock washers, these are your friend for better earthing.

    Next the blinkers. Mucked around scrathed my head, changed a few wires, measured a few things, scrathed my bum, and then it came to me. The previous guy had sort of installed led blinkers but left the original flash can in !! Not too worry, up to Supercheap and they have a Motorbike flasher for led lights.

    Brought it back, tried to hook it up but still no luck.

    At this stage it was time to get serious - so removed the tank, the seat, and the rear fairing - is this what they call a naked bike :)

    I love working on bikes, a couple of bolts and all the guts are out there to work on.

    Decided to try my Lights wiring and changed it so there is always parkers on when the key is in - all worked perfectly.

    Later this week I may get some time to attack the blinkers again.
  5. Like the Pantahs. Good choice mate!
  6. Yes Mitch it was one look and listen for me to fall in love with the model - that and the fact that it is Lams approved :)

    I will give those guys a go as well Sprinter. They are not far from my place.

    Found this book on Amazon UK. http://www.amazon.com/dp/0760317496/?tag=netrider-20

    Just a tip guys, I work for a UK company so travel there a couple of times a year, the Aussie $$ is very strong against the pound so anything bought from amazon UK is probably cheaper than the same thing from the US.

    My copy of the book (second hand) cost me 3Pounds, and another 3 pounds to ship it to my Bosses place (the supplier wouldnt ship to Aus). He is sending it to me via post and i owe him a pint :) all good and a total cost for me of around $13 including the pint :)
  7. very cool project, I respect anyone who keeps these great classics on the road.
  8. Interesting project you have, and you seem to be well versed in finding the bits you need.

    Can't wait for more pics :wink:
  9. You set the sag yet,got to love those Pantahs,I have a 600 that started life as a TL,then became a TT2 replica,and now its half an SL and half a TL again.
    And its yellow as well.
    Vince in Sydney
  10. Mate

    I would love to see some photos Zim. I will upload some more photos as i go along.

    @Matti-san I am a sucker for classics that need to live - comes from being a life long Alfa Romeo fan - been able to save a number of them over the years and it always feels good.

    Once I heard my first Pantah start I was hooked :)

    Catch ya

  11. Back form the Murray for easter - great time.

    Back onto the Pantah as the Wife stayed up on the river.

    Still trying to sort out the blinkers. The flash module I bought will work with two led indicators attached but not anything else.

    The hard part now is i need to fix the indicator on the dash which is an old incandescent one. I am going to test out just using a couple of leds from jaycar and then probably araldite them into the original indicator panel in the dash.

    Not sure if anyone else has converted over to leds from incandescent and has some advice??
  12. Wife still up on the river - no Karate training tonight, so after tea into the Pantah.

    Trying to get the new led indicators finished. So kit list:

    one of these a new led compatible flasher


    which fixed all the probs with the flasher not working, but there was the issue with the indicator light in the dash. When it was connected nothing worked, disconnect it and all good.

    some research and found this link:


    so being an old radio tech by trade, picked up some diodes, and some small white leds just in case i need to build a new led indicator module.

    put it all back together, but as usual had to install and uninstall the petrol tank a couple of times because i forgot to connect this or couldn't get to that, but its all fun.

    Now I have a Pantah with a brand new left hand switch block, parkers on as soon as the ignition is on, and new very bright led indicators :)

    The horn sounds like it belongs on a scooter so unless sorting the earth fixes that I will probably source a more butch/ducati sounding horn.

    My son noticed the chain needed adjustment while I was giving it the go through the gears check.

    So two jobs left:

    1. adjust chain

    2. sort out a leak in the oil level glass, oil change, and new filter.

    Getting close :)
  13. wife still up on the river so plenty of work on the Pantah last night.

    Finished the blinkers, used a led flasher replacement and two diodes to sort out the indicator light - found some info on the web re this.

    Put it all back together, gave it a rev and a run for a little while. Indicators are nice and bright and the parkers are now on all the time for safety :)

    Next jobs:

    1. adjust chain

    2. Fix leaking oil level sight glass.

    More soon
  14. Bud you're killing us with no pictures!
  15. Sorry Mitch, pickies tommorow night.

    Attached is the new wiring for the new switch for the Pantah.

    More tomorrow.

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  16. I know this isn't any help with the project, but I just found this pic, taken at TFRPS, on the old phone camera

    Pantah 2.

    Not strictly stock, but then again, few are these days..

    This one, spotted in the back of a van at Marulan, on the Hume Highway, isn't stock either :LOL:

    Pantah 3.

    Pantah 4.
  17. There's a few good links a photos here
    Go a bit past half way down for a workshop manaul and a few parts lists. Goodluck with the project :D
  18. Fark. They are beautiful!

    Thanks blokes.