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Project Pantah MK II - Blackie Goes Yella

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by fightingtiger, May 20, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys

    Time to get serious about the new fairing and plans I have for Blackie to turn the world Yellow.

    For newbies, Blackie is a 1981 Ducati 500 Pantah, rescued from a garage 2 years ago and put back on the road. There is an old thread "Project Pantah" which is the story of Blackie with lots of awesome info supplied by Pantah lovers, and some awesome Pantah photos.

    Originally Red, but after some swaps with other Pantah fans Blackie is Black (didnt see that coming )

    Being a mad Richmond Supporter everything has to be black and yellow as much as possible, and on top of that I LOVE the Ducati 748 Yellow colour.

    SO I have:

    1. A spare tank I bought from the UK
    2. A couple of spare side panels
    3. I spare ducktail but this has been cut down so maybe i will replace this.
    4. a set of Fiat 850 blinkers which are apparently the same as the Pantah front indicators.
    5. A seat cover to make it a single seater.

    So the plan is to get all the parts painted and prepared so that Blackie could be Blackie one day and Old Yella the next.

    I plan to use the yellow panels more for shows and the black ones for more serious rides.

    So first question, anyone know of a software package where you can take a photo of a bike and then colour change it and add decals etc to see what the finished product will look like before you make decisions ?

    Thanks in advance.


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  2. I don't know where you are, but if you did that in Queensland someone might eventually wag their finger at you, as you have to declare the colour for the registration sticker. My VW had to be presented for inspection when they queried why it was green on their records but I had said it was white when I re-registered it (previous owner painted it). I have no idea if there are any legal consequences for failing to notify but I re-checked the sticker on my Honda and it does include the colour. Would a cop make something out of a records mis-match in a random licence and rego check? Don't know. But they could make you present it for checking and require it to be one colour or the other. I'd love to be able to swap mine between black and the alternative CB1300 red and white scheme, so I like your idea.
  3. yes understand that.

    i did notify the classic bike rego department about the change to black, and I am planning to tell them the bike is black and yellow :)

    but yes if you had a serious official person they could crack it.

    Catch ya

  4. So starting to make some small steps.

    Today I picked up some rubber edging for the front blinkers fron Clark Rubber. These blinkers are actually Fiat 850 blinkers (supposed to be the same as Pantah Series 1).

    Decided to use some decals to be a small tribute to the history of the Mighty Pantah.

    So Picky attached is of Massimo Broccoli who won the first race on a TT2. I love the "Dual" Ducati, one on the tank and one on the fairing. And also there is small print on the rear of the ducktail which says "Ducati Pantah" (thanks to Ian Falloon for confirming that for me ).

    This week I hope to finish the blinkers and on the weekend get some aluminium to make some mounting brackets.

    BTW great catching up with Ducati People at the Basic Maintenance morning yesterday.

    CAtch ya


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  5. Oh man - I love that bike in the attached photo - is that what you are going for?
  6. I'm not sure there exists an off the shelf software package dedicated to your requirements. That is plugging in a photo and then modding it for inspiration. However you would probably be after a photo editing package. In that case Adobe Photoshop is your best choice. Although it is ridiculously expensive and not worth a purchase if it will be used for one photo only.

    That being said, I do happen to own a package myself. I would be happy to create a template picture from a photo you provide. A template that will resemble children's coloring-in sheets. All you will have to do is plug the picture into Microsoft paint and fill in the blanks with your chosen colors. BUT! Only if you ask nicely :)
  7. Good to see Blackie still charging along Shane. Mine is still running gloriously too. They're such a sweet little bike. Good luck with the upgrades.
  8. Mad Uncle - not quite. That is a very full fairing but that does look awesome.

    I was reading Ian Falloons book on racing Ducatis and ALL of the pivotal Ducatis won their first race - Pantah included and that dude in the picture is the man who won on it.

    Ged - gotta love the Pantah - spoke to a a guy who owns both a Pantah, and a 90's model 900SS and his view is that the Pantah is a much nicer bike to ride. As we discussed, (not that this would ever happen) you can quite easily take your hands off the handle bars on a Pantah, and the balance the bikes have - considering the tiny width of the tyres is something a lot of bikes would struggle to match :)

    I have done some BASIC work using Paint - it looks crap but it is letting me work out where the decals will go.

    Thanks Guy - more info soon.
  9. Found a cut up original Series 1 fairing.

    This fairing is really on about a third of the full fairing, but the great thing is it has all the original holes.

    This should make it an easy job for me to mark and drill the new fairing for the brackets and indicators.

    Attached is a picture of the Series 1 fairing (in good nick). I really like how this fairing has cleaner lines and shows more of the engine than the Series 2 which has the "scoop" on the front.

    My new duck tail and side panels should be here this week so looking forward to getting a bit done next weekend.

    Catch ya


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  10. and here is a picky of my new fairing :)

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  11. Update:

    So today went to go for a ride with a Mate - very excited - forgot the golden rule and do a full check first.

    Had one of my mirrors folded in a little which caught on the brake lever, panicked and slammed on the front brake and susequently ended up on the deck with a Pantah on top of me :-(

    Both generally unhurt, my new leather jacket has been christened, I have a sore calf from lifting the beast back up, but I have taken this as a sign thta Blackie is more than ready to become Old Yella.

    I have the following since last post:

    1. Some new pet cocks and the green fuel line
    2. A full restoration set of decals all in Black for contrast
    3. New K&N air filers and these have been fitted.
    4. Led Inserts for my new front indicators
    5. A hacked up series 1 fairing which I will be using for hole placement on the new fairing.
    6. Another ducktail, side panels and seat module.

    So just need to spend some time at home now so I can get sh&t done :) Work is making this a challenge as I have been travelling heaps since the start of July and I continue this week with a quick trip to India.

    I will have to have some of it done by MotoGp as I am riding down for the first time :)

    I will send through some photos of bits and progress soon.

    P.S. damage on the bike today - dented Conti :-(, cracked fairing :-|, bent handle bar :-(, broken indicator :-(

    Catch ya

  12. Bad luck! I just ditched a mirror on my Bullet which kept folding back, trapping my hand and stopping me from applying the front brake (not that the brake does anything!). They can be quite hazardous!
  13. Buggar,looking forward to seeing it with the graphics,my yellow TL come SL 600 will at some point get black graphics as well.I need some motivation.Are yours from Cut Graphics
  14. Yep Zim

    CutGraphix is the place.

    Great guy to deal with and great product.

    I bouhg the "Pantah" stickers for the belt covers from him back when I first did up Blackie.

    I will post a picky of the stickers the are ghunna look cool but I asm now thinkg about a GT type stripeover the top of the tank/seat cover/ducktail.

    Decisions decisions decisions :)
  15. Does you bike have the pain in the arse 120 degree throttle,takes 2 handfuls to get fully open.I have found a bloke in the USA who makes plastic inserts that go around where the cable runs and should reduce it to a more usable 60 degrees.Will post details after I give it a try.
  16. Yes, just one of the many things that give the Pantahs "character".

    I would love to here how you go with that. While I love character like the right hand wrist development, and the left hand finger strength you get from the clutch, that doesn't mean I wouldn't like to improve these things :)

    One of the great things about these bikes is there is such a worldwide community of Pantahs out there that parts and accessories are readily available.

    Catch ya

  17. The gadget finaly arrived today,will fit it tomorrow.He mainly makes them for big jap bikes,I sent some pics and he made it to suit,$25us,send me the money if you get it to work he said.Nice fellow.Will report soon as I get it working.
  18. Couldnt wait,couldnt get it to work.Not enought clearance in the housing.Plan B is trying a couple of nice thick Vitron O rings.Try this tomorrow