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Project NSR

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by sbk_750, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. This bike is a long running story.

    I bought from a bloke that had it as a registered learner bike, then when he got his full licence he used it for track-days. Then one day he dropped his R1 on the old entry to the eastern freeway from southbound Springvale road (the old loopy bit) After that he came for a ride day with myself and after the 3rd session never rode again.

    Poor him, Lucky me- I picked up a bargain!

    That was all about 6 years ago.

    I have since rebuilt the engine, changed the brake pads, and let it sit under cover while I dropped the trackdays and went and perfected my mono's.

    After getting down for the afterburners day earlier this week the flame is re-flickering!

    I'm going to service the front forks, drain and replace all the fluids and flush the brake lines. I've also got a new set of hoops for it and a set of race fairings.

    I then hope to get to the Island to FINALLY run it in on the Tuesday after easter (10th April)

    Anyways heres some pics of project NSR.

    First time its seen the light in over 3 years.

    Off with the road gear, Only 5 more years until classic rego!


    Yum Yum.. New rubber!

  2. So tell us more about the bike, is it an R model due to the lack of adjustable suspension? The tank looks genuine, but the fairings (nose cone) looks like they are the ABS (non genuine) fairings?

    The pipes don't look standard, JHA?

    So what are the plans for it?
  3. Oh man that's cool! I thought they had USD forks though? Ill be following this one closely.
  4. being an old Wayne Gardner fan I always love that colour scheme
  5. All the road going NSRs came out with conventional forks, it's a common mod to swap them out with RVF forks.
  6. It is an 1992 NSR250 R MC21, so its not a SP, but they are the original fairings. The only other mods that I can see that have been done is the pipes, and it has a set of the SP (Magtek) wheels.

    My plan is to use it as a track bike for the next 4.5 years, then pull it apart (all the way next time) really tidy it up and classic rego it.. i can still track it but be able to get to a few classic weekends away road riding on it .
  7. Looks like a lot of fun. Strokers will probably be completely illegal in 4 or 5 years!
  8. I pulled the carbies off it today and cleaned them out, all the jets where still clean and there was no visible sign of any crud build up.. So I'm happy!

    I've dropped the GBox oil out and replaced with some nice new clean oil, and the tyres are fitted up ready to roll.. Just gotta flush the brake fluid through, I'll do that tomorra after work I hope.

    I have the pipes off and I'm going to give them a good clean up over the next week. Hopefully next weekend I can fire her up and take a ride around my private test track.
  9. I doubt that very, very much. The sales of 2t engines is growing every year.
  10. Oh, that right. Where.
  11. Someone told me a while back boaties were getting sick of the expensive new tech 4 strokes.

    Good on you btw, keep us posted.
  12. I just had to push it up to the back of the shed for a couple of weeks, I'm really just hanging out waiting for the fairings to turn up.
  13. Even if they ban them in sure historic rego will be ok, so sounds like a good plan.
  14. Massive thanks to "Mekros" who came to give me a hand with the RC valves today.
    This guy really knows his twostrokes!
    He left me with a heap of information and wouldnt even take a beer or let me shout him lunch.

    So the bike is a big step closer to getting finished now. Just gotta put it back together and flush the brake lines and its all systems go!

    Really appreciated it mate. Thanks again.
  15. Just wanna say your disk lock reminder made me laugh
  16. F@ckin beautiful bike, mate. Shame on you for letting it sit there that long!
  17. Glad I could help mate, it's always good to know another one will be ridden the way it should be ridden :)

    We just need to get all the other RGVs and NSRs out on the track at the same time and it'll be an awesome track day.

    BTW, I didn't see the magtek rims :p
  18. Okay,

    So I flushed the brake lines, replaced the plugs, radiator and cool-ants, and gave it a kick in the guts.

    It went RRRRIiNnga ding......ding ding dading.....ding ding dading......ding.......ding........ dingading.......ding......ding.....RRRIIINNGGGAAAAAaaaaading..ding.. ..dingdadind........ding......ding....

    Yep, you guessed it.. It has a misfire-from the front bang bucket.

    It looks to have good spark, my only guess is that it is fuel related as it fired ok occasionally when I took it on a 10km run (on my private test track of course!) I was hoping it would blow anything that was blocking it clean but it didnt happen.
    Just to make sure I'll swap the leads over tonight and start it again.
    Then it'll be off with the carbies and re-check for blockages.. A bit more thoroughly this time 8-[

    Any other suggestions?