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Project: Handbag Streetfighter WOOHOO stage one complete!

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. Was it an accident that Cheng crashed her Suzi Across and damaged nothing but the fairings - or was it a subconscious urge to get rid of such nancy items? We may never know.

    It would have cost the same to buy new panels as to get some ebay streetfighter bits and cut sick. She never plans to upgrade, so resale value's not an issue. You can guess which direction my advice may have gone... :grin:

    So we spent some time looking over the options and picking the bits she liked. Parts arrived last week and I've dummy-fitted the twin "dominator" headlights:


    They're excellent, super bright with their 60W/100W globes or whatever it is. I just now spent some time horribly mutilating the wiring loom to separate the wires out and test-connect them up to the new Acewell ACE-2802 digital dash:


    And everything I've connected is working fine: lights, and all the idiot lights.

    Still have to connect the new speed sensor, always-on clock battery connection, and the tacho sensor, which snakes around the wires going to the ignition coil. Whichever those ones are.

    Cheng's got some fun ideas for the final appearance of the bike once we've done all the faffing about to get the electricals working, mounted the lights and dash properly, and found somewhere to put all the other odds and sods that used to live in the fairings.

    I can't wait to get this thing back on the road!
  2. You dear Sir seem to have your priorities in their correct order as in .... her bike first and yours when she says :p

    Hope Cheng isn't too badly bruised after the off, good luck on this project you two ;)
  3. Do you think you'll leave the rear end stock, plastics wise?
  4. Yeah more or less. We'll probably paint or cover it but seeing as the fuel tank's back there there's no point considering new subframes etc.
  5. Renthals?
  6. Hoping Cheng didn't hurt herself mate ..
    Good advice Loz :wink:
    who needs fairings anyway :roll:

  7. The current clip-ons are quite high and the riding position's fine, so we'll leave them there for stage 1 to gt her on the road.

    Stage 2 we'll look at either drilling the triples to put flatter bars on, or seeing if you can't just transplant the top triple clamp and risers off a bandit 250.
  8. can't wait to see the finished product.
    looking hot so far with the lights!
  9. The engine case is now welded bloke :) :) No more leaks :)
  10. <MrBurns>It's all falling into place....</MrBurns>
  11. This might be fun.
  12. hey loz

    with the acewell... do they use a magnetic speed sensor ?

    Would love to see how you mounted yours (or rather "cheng's")..

    I'm still trying to figure out a way to mount mine without the use of epoxy
  13. Plan at this stage (thanks Roarin) is to cut and bend up a little aluminium bracket that mounts off existing bolt holes in the brake caliper mounting bracket. The magnet will get ground down until it fits in the rotor floater spacer hole, and we'll jam it in there with the help of some silicone sealant.

    It'll be a week or 2 before I get around to it though.
  14. It'll be the most practical streetfighter ever made! :LOL:
  15. That's the giggle of it, yeah! Tough and mean looking, but with a quarter litre engine and a scoot boot. :LOL: Still, when opportunity knocks...
  16. where can you hide the radiator reservoir?

    ...sticks out like dogs bollocks with the covers off.
  17. You can use anything you want as a radiator reservoir. I'm sure we'll come up with something. I might go for something at least partly translucent this time, because the metal camping bottle on the Minja doesn't let me check fluid levels easily.
  18. lol I'm very interested!

    Any newer pics?
  19. Hey also, what do you do with all the messy wiring you've exposed down the front?

    can you tell i'm new?!
  20. You just stacked yours have ya?

    No newer pics, I've mounted the speedo sensor but rooted the mini magnet so I need to find another one to stick in the brake disc floater.

    Roarin has been kind enough to weld up the cracked alternator cover for us, and we reinstalled that last weekend. We've got the tacho working perfectly, so in order to get version 1 back on the road I just need to:

    1) Find a suitable magnet for the speedo and plonk that in
    2) Come up with some way of mounting the dash off the triple clamp
    3) Cut all the exposed wires down, connect everything up and insulate all the exposed wiring
    4) Whack some indicators and a mirror on
    5) Get some bolts to mount the headlights properly
    6) Program the dash
    7) Find somewhere to attach all the dangling crap like igniter boxes, relays, reg/rec, fuel warning lights etc that used to mount inside the fairing. Maybe stick some of it in the 'boot' - although the reg/rec needs to be exposed to cool air.
    8) Fill oil and change front brake pads

    ...and she's off. Will I get this done before we have to move house in 3 weeks? Yeah probably not!