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Project Gromulent

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by BodenM, Jul 30, 2016.

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    Here marks the start of my first bike project, with the goal of taking my shiny new 2016 Grom, and turning it into a kerb-hopping, dirt-tackling, fun-sized commuter rocket.

    The base package - 1x Honda Grom in "Metallic Axis Grey" (stop lying Honda, it's bloody flat black)
    2016-07-23 12.35.06.

    Parts fitted to date:
    • 13645137_1205869932765760_8085464100338182782_n.
    • 13879460_1205868729432547_1747307581843561261_n.

    Awaiting parts:
    • H2C rear luggage rack (expected by 5/08/2016)
    • H2C rear splash guard and tail tidy (expected by 2/08/2016)
    • Maxxis M6024 tyres in 120/70-12 and 130/70-12 (e̶x̶p̶e̶c̶t̶e̶d̶ ̶b̶y̶ ̶1̶5̶/̶0̶8̶/̶2̶0̶1̶6̶ backordered until 15/08 :( )
    • 2013-2015 factory Grom wheels in gold (awaiting for tyres to arrive, swapping wheels with local Grom owner who wants black ones)
    • Aftermarket indicators + electronic flasher (expected by 3/08/2016)

    Parts to come:
    • Custom scrambler-style header to run above clutch cover instead of below engine for ground clearance
    • Brake upgrade bits including 240mm front EBC rotor w/ adapter bracket, braided lines, sintered pads, yadda yadda
    • Heim joint shift linkage and shifter shaft support bracket to take the shocking amounts of slop out of the shift action
    • Aftermarket mirrors, because the stock ones are tiny, ugly, and useless.
    • Various bits of crash protection (some will probably be custom fabricated, e.g., crash bars and proper skid plate)
    • Racetech front fork spring and cartridge package, plus fork cap extensions for a combined 1.37" of extra height up front
    • Upgraded rear shock and spring (probably Ohlins), plus a lift/raising link to match the front
    • 160-180cc big bore kit (will decide on exactly which kit closer to actually doing it, options will change and increase as time progresses)
      • Supporting mods to match include Koso 34mm throttle body and intake manifold, aftermarket cams and some kind of tuning/ECU solution.
    • Other things that I've probably forgotten.
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  2. Need an aftermarket exhaust too, saw plenty of Groms with them in Thailand recently, and they look the duck's nuts! See pic below of the Kawa competition - sporting a/m exhaust...

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  3. Putting aside the "because I can" argument for a bit...looking at your shopping list, wouldn't it have been more easier and more cost effective to buy a bigger/better bike...
  4. But where's the fun in that?
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  5. So shoe horning in a 250 2 smoke out of a wrecked KTM EXC would be a little too much ???? (blow the doors off your big bore kit)....just puttin it out there.... :)))
  6. As hilariously fun as that would be, getting it engineered, registered and insured would be an absolute nightmare. If I was gonna go to that length I'd shove a CRF450 motor in it :p
  7. I love two strokes, but commuting is not a strong point of them either imo.
  8. I sat on one of these beasties today along with the Kwaka Z125 - the Grom is a much better product.

    I'd love to have one as a run to the shops / thrash bike.

    Will be watching with interest.
  9. Yup, that's coming with the aftermarket header, just gotta sort out what muffler/s I want to use and whether I want to run a twin-muffler setup.

    Yeah I felt the Z125 wasn't as well put together as the Grom, also the Braaap Urban felt a bit cheap too (also now it turns out the brand's management is dodgy as fuark, certainly dodged a bullet there :p). Not to mention the Z125 is only available in that eye-piercing Kwaka green, bit of a mistake IMHO. I did like the gauge cluster with its analogue tacho instead of the digital setup of the Grom though.
  10. Loved the Groms in Thailand, wanted to rent one to try it out, but the hotel didn't have em.
  11. Peaky power delivery can be tamed by adjusting the exhaust valve, redesigning the pipe, and fiddling the carburation.
    The compact nature and the light weight of a 2 stroke makes it a much preferred candidate over the lump of lard stationary pump motor.
    And that's before you factor in the aromas and the ringa, ding, ding sound track.
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    Tyres are still on back order but the ETA was just pushed back till the 15th :/
    Anyone got any other places they know of in Australia that either stock or can bring in a set of Maxxis M6024s sooner than that?

    EDIT: New indicators have also been ordered, should be here this week.
  13. Tail tidy and splash guard have arrived along with the new indicators and bits to make them work. Annoyingly enough the splash guard requires pulling the axle bolt to install, will probably just slot the bracket so I can slide it between a loosened axle bolt and the swing arm, there's a second bolt that holds the guard in place so it shouldn't do any harm.
    Tis always a great feeling when parts arrive:
    2016-08-02 11.32.07.

    New indicators look infinitely better than the stock ones:
    2016-08-02 18.18.24.

    New indicators mounted on the tail tidy:
    2016-08-02 18.28.00.

    Pic of the rear splash guard:
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  14. Indicators and tail tidy have been installed, looking much cleaner now. Had to return the Kitaco cargo plate to the dealer, the paint/powdercoating on it was flaking off in one spot for no apparent reason, so now i'm waiting on a replacement for that too. Tyres have shipped out, so with any luck they'll be here by the 3rd week of August.

    Looks heaps better than the stock tail arrangement:
    2016-08-04 21.00.16.

    Short clip of the indicators in action:
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  15. Fitted the H2C splash guard a few days ago, ended up cutting the bracket to allow it to slide on between a loosened axle bolt and the swingarm, instead of Honda's dumb idea to make you remove the axle bolt entirely to install it.
    2016-08-11 17.04.17. 2016-08-11 17.04.27. 2016-08-11 17.04.39.

    Also fitted an aftermarket taillight, looks much better than the stock unit and has integrated indicators for better visibility.

    Bike is also booked in for its first service on Friday, 500km overdue, oops.
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    Last edited: Aug 19, 2016
    Today was pretty productive, replacement cargo plate showed up plus my new knobblies and new mirrors.

    Took the wheels and front forks off the bike and headed over to see Attila at Motodoctor in Hillcrest, where I had the tyres fitted, and the stock 5w fork oil drained and swapped for 20w. This has made a MASSIVE improvement to the suspension, it no longer bottoms out when you look at it funny, and front fork movement is much better controlled than with the stock fork oil. Highly recommended mod if you own a Grom.
    2016-08-18 16.38.17.

    Here is the bike as it sits currently, getting pretty happy with how it's shaping up!
    2016-08-18 18.11.15.

    Close up of the knobblies on the back for good measure. As far as I am aware, I'm the only person in the country with a set of M6024s:
    2016-08-18 18.11.29.
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  17. Been pretty busy so I haven't had the chance to post any updates, but here's what's happened recently.

    My H2C luggage rack *finally* arrived and was promptly fitted up:
    2016-08-19 10.19.12. 2016-08-19 10.20.17.

    I swapped wheels with a local guy who had a 2015 Grom and wanted black wheels:
    2016-08-28 16.36.31. 2016-08-28 16.14.43.

    And I fitted a set of aftermarket mirrors, although they still don't give me enough visibility so I'm on the hunt again for new ones.
    2016-08-28 18.31.40.
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  18. Gold wheels maketh the bike.(y)
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  19. Took the Grom offroad for the first time yesterday, was heaps of fun! Definitely need to do it more often.
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  20. How's the knee?