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Project for new year. Black "vampire" Domi

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by munecito, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. Hello everybody.

    My project for next year will be a DIY paintjob on the domi.

    I don't like the stickers in it so I will be getting rid of them and painting all the plastics. I already got rid of that ugly front disc cover that was very 80s looking.

    To start with I have chopped one picture to see how it would look like roughly. It will be matt black with charcoal grey. I need to get a new picture without the disc cover and the plastic rugged tubes on the fork.

    I'm designing some stickers to go with it and they will be on a vampire theme. I'll get them laser cut on reflective vinyl.

    Here you go.



    Opinions, suggestions are always welcomed.

  2. Might need to paint the frame too. It will look a bit odd in an old red colour with no other red for miles. A silver colour on the frame would set it off nicely.
  3. Is the bodywork that bad??

    I kinda dig the red - it's sort of all part of the era - the 80's when red was it :LOL:

    The fork covers actually do a job - unless you aren't planning to take it off road - I'd leave em on. Well they are at least black - and some Armourall would make them look like new :cool:

    Agree with Jace - try and paint the frame black as well - some rags to cover up the engine, a spray can of primer then colour and am sure it would come up OK. I like matt black, but not doing the frame will look like a half finished project.

    Let me know if you want me to take the disc cover off your hands.
  4. I like red but not that late 80s early 90s red.

    The fork covers were already damaged and broken in little pieces so I already got rid of them.

    When I had the DT175 I did a bit of offroad riding with it with no covers and it was never a problem. Actually I took them off the bike after the second offroad trip because all the mud and dirt were filtering throug the "ventilation"(?) holes that they had and they were doing more damage than protecting.

    I also think the frame will need to be painted but I don't really want to dismantle the whole bike. I don't think I like the idea of only doing the visible bits, but I have a bit of time to think about that.

    Thanks for your inputs guys. Really appreciated.

  5. update?