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Project CM

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Zbike, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. Ok picked up this Honda CM 250 custom about a week ago.

    Rear Tyre
    LHS front blinker
    RHS side cover
    Carb Clean
    Oil Change
    Chain tension
    Rust Removal +1
    Rear Light fixed
    1 awsome paint job

    I am almost using this thread as a checklist of stuff i have to do
    Mods Images are hosted on my site so no need to remove

    As of those woundering What happend to my GPX fighta project well its still procedding its getting valve work and rings done up the coast at my mates.

    Idea is a project bike to fix and sell for profit as i am not keen on riding at little cruiser

  2. Being a spray painter first thing is first and that is the paint job on the fuel tank.

    This is just the graphics still needs to be clear coated (shiny shiny)
    Will post regularly as this bikes is moving along nice and quick.
  3. Nice work, mate! Should be a fun little bike.
  4. leave the tank ,matt... looks awesom by the way...should b a cool l1ttle weekender/copmmuter. what Do you 1ntend on usen 4?
  5. Nice paint work.. I am sure you will get it looking really sweet.. :cool:
  6. [​IMG]

    some picies for ya.
    its up for sale in the bikes section.

    Re-aseembled everything.
    Polsihed engine parts
    near new rear tyre fitted.
    Blinkers fitted
    Ignition fitted
    Brake switch disassembled cleaned
    The exhust still needs to be reattched by my mate who is a pro welder.
    But other than thats its almost done.