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Project bikes

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Drew, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. While i;m on restrictions i have been thinking about getting a mildly damaged bike to do some work on and then sell...ie buy cheap, fix properly, and sell at market value.

    not ready just yet (no garage etc) but would something like this be worth lookin gat in the future


    given it costs 1200 to buy, 1600 to fix (if the sellers prices can be trusted) allow say another 600 for painting.

    thats 3400 + rego.

    what would a bike of this age be able to be sold (reasonably)for considering the kms?
  2. All fixed up, it may be worth about $4.5k.

    My mate just sold his '91 model (80,000 km's) for $4k flat.

    Your finished price is assuming you can get it off ebay for $1200, maybe not so.

    I've fixed up a few bikes just for fun (and pocket money), they always cost a lot more than you think.
  3. It is a bit of a risk. If you can do all the work or are able to get things done at mates rates it could work out good. If you can not sell it you could always use it after you are off restrictions.
  4. I wouldn't do it to make money, I'd do it to get a cheap bike though.
    You will never make your labour back, and you could have just worked the overtime and got paid cash.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Check if it needs a VIV coz that is another $440 worth of red tape... keep in mind these bikes if well looked after will look 68,000 old while being 168,000km old...
  6. Drew, be prepared to win and lose when buying and selling. Sometimes you can make a killing, and then you may break even. Personally its not for me, but if you have the patience to do it all, then go for it mate..
  7. I'v done this kinda thing. buy a damaged bike to get the bike i want in the price range i can afford. but you get nothing for free. the reason the bike is cheap is becouse it need the work doing on it. one thing i'v lernt is you very rearly make money out of bikes.

    sory to be so negative, but thats my opinon. but if you want a bike cheaper and dont mind the odd bit of "street customising" go for it... but go for a diferent bike. this looks like to much work. also pick your modles well. this is a C model not as easy to shift or as strong as the D that started in 1994 and was unchanged till 2002 (i think)
  8. wasn't thinking of doing this particular bike. sell price would be too low for the $ paid.

    but my thoughts were pretty much the same as the opinions given.

    would be good if i could find a bike i wanted to keep...i could justify the time spent then.

    thanks for the input guys.
  9. If you are going to keep it then yes it could work in your favour. Just knowing you restored it would be satifying enough for you irrespective of costs etc..
  10. exactly

    would need to know i like it to ride though... which means waiting till after restrictions anyway before the test rides become availalbe.

    ah well. was a good thought
  11. Dont give your dream up Drew.. HAve a look, you may find something and knowing you have fixed it up will give you even more reason to like it..
  12. maybe... but i think my budget kinda puts this on the back burner for a while

    maybe a good project to get a bike for when Mrs Drew wants to ride. :-k
  13. dont give up, i did a ZZR1100D1 in england when living there. i made money on it after useing for 5 years. you just have to buy it cheap and realise what is worth fixing. like body work. once this bike gets to a certin age it dosent make that much diferance to the sell price how the body work looks.

    my ZZR11 had major scraps down the side, but when i sold it i got top $$$ becouse the mechanical condition was better than any thing alse the bloke had seen for a ZZR1100 and mine was the 1994. the first of the D's. also it was still restricted (only 125BHP in UK bike till 1996?)

    anny how i have a shashed daytona over here. allwase wanted one after taking my mates one for a spin over in UK.

    good luck. get on down to thwe austions and talk to some wreckers and let them know what you are interested in. but dont forget. you dont have to but this one. if you wait there is alwase a better deal around the corner.
  14. so, anyone got a mildy damaged Z1000 for about the 2 grand mark? :LOL:
  15. I can second, repairing costs a whole lt more than you initially might think