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NSW Project bike

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Katt, Nov 27, 2015.

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  1. My daughter is trying to secure a motorcycle mechanic apprenticeship, unfortunately her gender (female in the workshop) and her restricted strength (difficuly for her to swing bikes around on the side stand) has resulted in numerous self esteem shattering unsuccessful applications.

    Therefore I am wanting to purchase her a project bike. She likes old trail bikes, it would need to have the ability to register, and it has to need a lot of work.

    I am hoping that a project bike would cheer her up, as well as motivate someone to give her a go when she rides her restored project bike to interviews.

    I have been scrolling the internet for weeks to no avail. Therefore if someone has seen something around Sydney you think would be suitable, and it is cheap because I cant afford much. Then please post a link to this thread.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  2. Gumtree has heaps
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  3. The only registerable trail bikes I found on Gumtree in NSW were in perfect working order.

    Maybe my searches are wrong. What are you searching for basejumperbasejumper ?
  4. Has this been resolved? I have a Yamaha LS3 I am rebuilding.
  5. Hi Katt.

    Dunno if this is any help...... I don't want to get ride of my Cagiva Raptor 125, but, assuming your daughter can ride, I'd lend her the bike to make a "grand entrance" on. :)

    Other alternative is that my Gilera Runner 180 (two-stroke) does need a bit of work to renovate it...... it still goes pretty hard for a scooter, I am prepared to spend money on getting it done, but, maybe it would reinforce the wrong stereo-typical image.

    Where abouts are you, any way?
  6. i have a gs500 in my garage which definitely needs lots of work after an accident.

  7. New front end for sure
  8. A good project, an already worked over GS500F. In stock form, it is a LAMS bike in Victoria. Is it the same for NSW?
  9. yep! already sourced one. just needs to pick it up and install.
  10. this needs a little bit of assembly :)
    1992 Yamaha YZ250 frame powder coated, new rim | Motorcycle & Scooter Parts | Gumtree Australia Young Area - Young | 1104204239

    Yamaha YZ250 in parts, 99% complete with all plastics. Very good engine. Frame has been powder coated. Tires good, front folks have new seals, new headset bearings, new wheel bearings, some things painted but I now have not got the time to finish. Too many projects to complete so they are going one at a time, Honda XR100 roller, engine, frame + front end, wheels, bottom ends, heads barrels, XR80/100 exhausts many parts no longer required
Thread Status:
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