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Project Alessandra (RS125)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by mekros, May 16, 2009.

  1. I thought I better split off my own project from BoingK's so things don't get so confusing :)

    The bike is a 2007 (2006 colours) Aprilia RS125 with 1300km on the clock. It started off as a WA registered bike, the previous owner was turning off a main road on the way home when an oncoming car hit the back of the bike and did not stop to render assistance. The rider was taken to hospital, where his partner was working in ED and had to treat him as a patient. After he had recovered enough to be yelled at, he as told.... "NO MORE BIKES!" I managed to pick this bike up as an absolute bargain and the best part about it is that it is not on any written off register.

    Nemesis and I rock up for an inspection, and we see that the subframe is bent (shortened!), at first we thought the swingarm was bent too, but it was just uneven ground. The fairings have been battered on both sides, the clutch lever was bent into a u-shape. The rearsets have bent inwards slightly, and the LH mirror mount has been bent downwards too.

    Alessandra battered and bruised on pickup:

    Because she had been sitting idle for months, the battery was beyond recovery. I grab my spare bike battery floating around and we have signs of hope....the 15A auxiliary fuse blows. I replace that with a cheap Chinese 15A fuse, and try again. This time the main 20A fuse blows.

    This weirds me out so Nemesis and I go into full fault finding mode. We eventually settle on trying 3A and 5A chinese fuses but I'm still weirded out. We eventually got the 3A fuse to blow, but by that time it got that hot that the plastic on the fuse was melting and smoking like a demon!

    A bit more investigation work and we find that the stop lamp in the tail had somehow had the wires fused together in the accident, causing a direct short. This was discovered after we had done insulation damage to that wire through the entire length of the loom Long term wise the loom will need to be replaced, but it is still operational.

    All the fairing pieces go back on, and the instrument cluster is removed so the bracket can be straightened at work.

    The fuses are then replaced with better quality fuses (from an automotive store this time!), fresh spark plug, fresh o-ring on the fuel tap and she is ready for some fresh fuel to check for signs of life. A bit of Castrol TTS down the spark plug hole followed by a squirt of engine starter to make things easier and she starts.

    The old two stroke oil is then drained out, and fresh TTS is added. The join on the expansion chamber to the silencer somehow got bent out of shape, so a new exhaust will be ordered. To pass RWC and track days though, the gaps were filled with high temp gasketgoo (Hylomar for those that want high quality stuf), a thin band of foil and then a hose clamp to stop the goo getting shot out The fairings were taped up pre-empting a track day, but a couple of sick days and too many days of training means I won't get the time off.

    Alessandra patched together ready for the track day (now will be a shakedown test for rego):


  2. I just love the ghetto exhaust patch job, and that clutch lever I didn't notice before... can't imagine how that was done?

    Is the subframe out much??

    In a few weeks I could probably sell you my stock can but frankly you may as well splash out and get JL/Arrow/Gianelli/Tyga.
  3. I had a mate that bent both levers into a "U"...both times they were low speed drops too!

    Subframe is out enough to be inconvenient. The riders seat latch sits about 20mm forward, so it's a real struggle to get teh seat on. oh and the seat latch is keyed differently to the ignition....strange but again bush mechanics at it's best ;)

    I still might be interested in the full stock exhuast system, if you decide to part with that. I'm planning on either getting a TYGA exhaust, or DIY :)
  4. are you going to ditch the headlights and pillion pegs?
    nice bike recovery btw
  5. definitely ditching the pillion pegs and DIY exhaust hanger bracket. I'll keep the light as I still plan to run it on the road :)
  6. I've spawned a legion of GP replica two-stroke hoons! Mwah-ha-ha-haaa! :twisted:

    On the expansion pipe, you could get your hands on a stocko and just do a chop and weld job on it to give you the characteristics you want. Wouldn't be that hard I suspect. If you decide on the Tyga, they told me they'll have more 125 pipes in early next month.

    TTS is great stuff, but if you want to run budget stuff then go for Valvoline 'Racing Oil'. Supercheap Auto stock it for $10 a litre, it meets the specs given in the user manual (JASO FC) and it seems to run well in my bike. As far as I can find out, the only difference between FC and FD rated 2T oil is higher detergency in the FD. Anywho, just a mention.

    Good stuff on picking it up, 1300km on the clock is pretty ahrd to beat...even if the rest of the bike needs a little TLC.

    I'm tuned in, cheers - boingk
  7. TYGA exhausts are now in stock :) I'm almost certain I'll order it unless I get a massive spurt of inspiration, learn how to weld and DIY!

    I'll be interested to see how long term wise the Valvoline racing oil turns out. I have heard mixed reports about cranks dying prematurely on these bikes because of highway commuting, so what you're doing will be a good test, especialyl on crank longegivity.
  8. I'm planning to use it until I replace my top end, which needs to be done in the next few thousand kay. Nothing urgent. If the head and barrel have excess deposits on them then I'll switch back to TTS, no point in using oil that doesn't do its job. I'll fire you some pics when I do it.

    Cheers - boingk
  9. Must say I've got TTS and Motul 710 in mine and it hasn't dropped a beat... I figure it's an exotic bike so it deserves exotic oil haha.

    Oh btw, top speed I could hit yesterday on the flat (with a fair bit of sidewind) was 144kmh, full tuck.

    Not bad for stock??

    My ride yesterday made me rethink changing the sprockets down.... they are good enough as is... as rarely as I will ever be going above 110... it's still a lot of fun to squirt it up that high.
  10. Hey I just randomly found this guys: http://www.bevenyoung.com.au/mota.htm

    On there is a link to a free program to aid in design of expansion chambers for two-strokes... It might be useful for either of you? I'm not advanced enough (or willing?) to make my own and I've got a nice nifty Arrow here regardless. Have a look maybe?
  11. cheers mate, got it already, but I'm relying on the development work done by Bell and Jennings. Good read if you are interested in that sort of stuff, otherwise, it's a hard pillow :!:
  12. Cheers for the heads up, downloaded a free utility program from them that figures dimensions etc. Useful if you actually plan on building your own, I'll probably just pony up for the Tyga though.

    144km/h, if at redline in 6th, means you're running a 16t front sprocket. I get that currently with my bike, should jump to 160~170 once you fit the standard 17t. Its not a big job, and mine only cost $35. Not fitting it until I repair the clutch though, haha.

    Cheers - boingk
  13. Yeah you'd want more than 144kph from it. Must be pretty low gearing. I wouldn't wanna go on the track with that top speed.

    Bike looks good :)
  14. Bandit12 and I did some early morning private road testing of Alessandra on Sunday, and she ran like a dream. She was a little smokey on the first few runs, but cleared up once the TTS actually reached the engine.

    Some of the goodies also arrived from China....replacement LED indicators.


    I couldn't believe how small they are! They were also quite a good price off Ebay (under $40 delivered), which is the price for a set of normal indicators locally!

    Now I've got to organise to borrow a fender, some bits from TYGA to arrive and she'll be ready for a RWC
  15. Hehe... I'm trying to secure some pants to make that Broady day... I'm probably a 50, would prefer to get some Dainese to match my jacket but they don't come in white :(

    Those indicators are tiny, they'd almost disappear on your bike!

    Just give me a little advance warning when you think you want to come grab the fender.
  16. You can always rent some - I rented some for my first track day from Garner's Motorcycle hire in North Melbourne.
  17. TYGA goodies :)

  18. Let us know how the fit goes!

    I don't think italian chrome would suit my colour scheme but I'm also keen to know the weight differences!

    They are pretty cheap from Tyga!
  19. Very nice carbon goodies...be good to see them on the bike! And yes, Tyga do have pretty competetive prices for their carbon stuff...

    ...I'd be tempted, but I've just gone and gotten myself another project...

    - boingk
  20. what's the next project? :)