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Projeckt Dark Ninja

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MrNinja, Jul 12, 2005.

  1. Hi all. I have been doing a small site dedicated to the building of my project bike, I have posted photos in two albums of things beeing done to it eg. alarm install, polishing the rims, soon to have installing a slip on pipe, etc. check it out as I turn this Mild machine into a wild machine!



  2. Joe you also need to provide the login details to the site.
  3. sorry.... working on that now!
  5. Nice, a few suggestions though:

    Lose the red 636 stickers
    Put the dash back to standard
    Stick a tinted screen on it
    The pipe looks standard, go for something exotic

    Like the paint BTW, very cool
  6. part's to be installed
    -black screen with chrome lettering "29"
    -s/s Braided brake lines
    -annodised (gold) brake res. cap, oil fill cap,
    -full custom graphics kit (still working on a design)
    -gold anno. alloy bolt kit
    -power commander
    -s/s sleve for TTr exaust system.
    -gold mirrors
    -gold anno bar weights
    -gold anno- lever set
    -Carbon/f tripple clamp protector
    -flush indicators
    -dna hiflow air filter
    -carbon/f case cover
    -afam light weight sprocket set
    -carbon fiber tankprotector
    -anno. alloy foot pegs
    -pillion f/r eliminator
    -carbon/f gas cap
  7. I thought you were going to sell?
  8. nah that was ages ago.....
  9. Nice looking bike!! Will be a Weapon when all those mods are done and finished. I do have one question though. Why is ther a 'P' Plate on the back of a 636. Isn't that just asking for trouble???
  10. Cos I'm 19 going on 20 which means I have to ware one tho I'm fully liceneced.. :-(
  11. Hey Joe
    The ninja's looking good!! You're making me green with envy again. :D
    Great to hear that you've decided not to give up riding :wink:
  12. oh ok!! I never knew that law. Does anyone know if the same thing applies in NSW??? i always thought that if you were fully licenced then your were fully licenced, therefore not a 'P' Plater so why in hell would that make you display one?? That shit is just ODD
  13. Hi all, I have added some specs and a independent bike review for all that are interested - it's in the blog section....

    thanks 'yall'

    btw I'll be back on the road this weekrnd so if any ones up for a cruze..... pm me
  14. Hi Joe

    Did you get the pictures of your bike I emailed to you?

    Dont forget to give me a ring about your throttle bodies and the line to the IAP sensor thats on the wrong way.
  15. Yeah thanks for that... I should get the needed parts today, so I will organise a time to see ya. Thanks mate