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Progrip light-sensitive anit-fog VS Fogcity hyper-optic

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by blue, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. the pro-grip retails for 26$ and the fog city for 50$.I want to find out from people which one turns darker in the sun and lasts longer.I ride early mornings about 4am and the fogging is becoming a major pain.I dont like carrying extra visors so the one that turns darker will suit me better.

  2. i got this mask like thing called fog off which keeps fogging to a very minimum and i carry some 10 bucks sunnys for sunny days
  3. Re: Progrip light-sensitive anit-fog VS Fogcity hyper-opti

    I had a Fog City.
    Useless thing it was, well it did stop the fog but it distorted your vision and never darkened up. I tried with it for quite a few weeks and then threw it out.
    I don’t know if the clear one would be any better.
    But I'm not spending my money to find out, one of you guys can let me know. :p
  4. I've only tried the fogcity product. It doesn't turn dark by a large amount (a lot less than a tinted visor), but I mainly bought it for the anti-fog properties, it works better than any other method I've tried. It will take the edge off a bright day though.

    Haven't seen or heard of the progrip product, so can't comment on that, but I do know that fogcity gets a lot of good reviews.

    Wearing sunglasses sucks. If it came down to it, I'd rather carry a spare visor in a backpack.
  5. The fog offs work really well...

    Basically just a mask that velcro's in to the chin part of your helmet and covers mouth and nose, does not fog the visor at all.
  6. Can you buy these for any helmets??? and where abouts?
  7. they work in pretty much all helmets I think.

    It comes with a velcro bit that you stick to the inside of your chinpiece, the mask sticks to this and there are two other velcro bits that stick to the normal helmet cheek pads on the left and right.
    Fully removable.

    I got mine from road rocket in west melbourne, $40- I haven't seen them at the big stores like p/s though...
  8. I had seen those masks at a kawasaki shop in Dandenong just down from P/S. But that could be a little out of your way?

    They had a very shiney zx12 there too.
  9. i got mine from a place in ringwood called A1
    they gave me a discount as well lol
    cause i know him
  10. Fogoff works well as long as you dont wear glasses. If you do the warm moist air from your breath leaks out between the mask and your face an straight up behind your glasses. Instant fog!

    Pinlock is the best product I've used but anything stuck on the inside of the visor will catch on the visor seal somewhere.