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ProGrip 3000 anti fog screen

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by Envy-t, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. I went into Bike mart 2 days after getting my licence as I couldn't see shit when the visor was down. With all the "CAT" crap and like products on the market, surely there was something that would work.
    We discussed the merits of each and the fact that they all need to be applied every 2-4 days. Then the owner comes out and says, " I garauntee that this will leave you visor fog free. His words were, "You could have a root with your helmet on and it won't get foggy!" (uncomfortable thought!) So with a little discount and $29 dollars later I rode home to fit the thing.
    Fiddely to fit as you want to get it perfectly positioned, but once fitted, I was amazed! I walked around the house for 5 minutes, visor down and breathing heavily and the only fog that appeared was on the bottom edge that isn't covered by the screen.

    It's a screen that creates an air pocket between the visor and it and for some reason works! Technical I know, but I aint no engineer :p
    My tinted screen does not have one, and on Sundays ride discovered that it really needs it!

    It also has the added advantage of being photo-sensitive, so it helps reduce glare. It turns slightly blue when the sun hits it, not enough to block out a summers day worth of light, but enough for those overcast days where then sun comes and goes fleetingly.

    +1 from me.
  2. Can you post up a pic ?
    Interested myself, going to bikemart again this week
    ta !
  3. Thanks !
    Will give it a try, as much as I swear by my fogoff mask, it seems to put a little pressure on the sides of my lid, which results in a breeze entering and hitting me right in the eye :twisted:
  4. Bought it this avo ... fitted and tested on the ride home tonight.
    What can I say ?? :shock: it fcukING works !
    I couldn't get my visor to fog up if I wanted to.
    Best Money I've spent so far ..10/10
  5. WOOHOO! I was hoping I wasn't going to make a dick of myself and have someone buy one on my experience, then swear black and blue at how shit it was.

    You can also get coloured effect versions, which I think I will get next time.
  6. Are these a "one size fits all" type thing or do you need to get one for your specific helmet?

  7. They fit all except arai, but an arai version is available.
  8. Do you haev to drill into your visor or does it work with adhesive? If it's adhesive is this a one-way thing? Ie once it's stuck on is it on forever (or order a new visor)??

  9. I got mine from intyre, not sure if its the same brand, but is the same product(Threw out the packaging). And it is brilliant. + i can raise my visor.

    A good product impo.

    as for the adhesive, its very tacky... but i think you could get it off if you wanted to.
  10. Once on apparently it's a 1 use item. It has double sided foam tape around the edge. No drilling required.

    Rjays do a version too.
  11. I can vouch for the Rjays version, bought for both my tinted and normal visor for 15 bucks each, can't go wrong. They do scratch fairly easily but you shouldn't be playing with pins and needles in your helmet anyways.
  12. Now they need them for sunglasses!!!
  13. I bought one as well on Saturday.

    Fitted it specifically for the icicle ride.

    Fog free for quite a while but it will fog eventually.

    I had to ride around with the visor cracked open a few times to clear it.

    I found that after the stops it stayed clear for quite a while but it did fog up eventually. I think for the first 90 mins its fine then it starts to fog.

    Still a pretty good solution though.

    I didn't buy one because of this thread, I only saw this thread today ;)
  14. Still swear by my fogoff face mask. Takes some getting used to but boy is it ever effective.
    Pissing rain this morning and not a smidge of fog on the visor. Means you can keep the visor closed despite heavy rain and get no leakage inside the helmet.
    Wet weather pants held up well, sno seal on the boots and my goretex gloves meant only the collar of my jacket got wet, the rubber of the fogoff kept my neck dry tho.
    I'm also gonna make a little slide on wiper blade to put over the left thumb
    will post up pics when done.
  15. I've got a different version. It's called a 'Pinlock' visor.
    BEST money ever spent, it's a different mounting system, you have to drill two holes in your visor, flatten it out and lock in the, well, 'double glazing' It has a silicone bead around the edge and could potentially be used on many visors to come.
    I too have a tinted visor without this, and as amazingly awesome and cool as that makes me look :LOL: :LOL: I miss my pinlock.. so, another I shall buy!!! (I got mine from jeffrey honda in ferntree gully)

    BUY ONE, you will NOT be disappointed!!!!!! (price was around $50 if I remember correctly.

    Oh but one thing... If you're not confident about drilling holes in your visor (template and drillbit included with visor, took me about 10-15 min to install in no rush at all) get them to do it, they offered when I purchased it.
  16. A jigger like that comes standard in Nolan helmets. It works very well, but it fails the rooting test. So how does yours fare?
  17. update:
    The damn thing come off my visor. :cry:
    Seems the adhesive foam lost it's adhesiveness. ( probably old stock? ).
    Good news is, I emailed the maunfacturers in Italy.
    Got a new one sent 5 days later :p

    Surely not ? :shock:
  18. hmmm.. well it depends...

    Yourself or a partner??? :LOL: :LOL: