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Progression Sessions Stunt Vid

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Dstunts, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. #1 Dstunts, Apr 7, 2010
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    Hey guys, as some of you would know iv been back in Aus a few months now so i've finally had some time to work on some new stuff! Heres something me and my girl put together before we head back to China next week!

    hope you enjoy it, we definitely did!


  2. Nice work
  3. bloody hell, love your work, how long it take u to learn all that
  4. thanks guys,

    iv been riding dirt bikes since i was around 5 but didnt get into stunt riding up until a few years ago. Never looked back since! its a great hobby/job to have!
  5. vCool !!
  6. Great stuff. What bike is that? Any tips for people that want to start learning some of this? Do you drop the tyre pressure a bit or modify the bike in any major way for balance?
  7. cheers!

    Its best if u dont go to crazy on dropping your tire pressure. Around 25psi for any 180 rear tyre is fine. Only time lowering the pressure works for ya is when ur consistantly doing straightline walking pace wheelies. I actually run around 40psi because without it my tire folds and washes out if i go for fast/wide circles. Its also better for keeping everything fast and precise.. Somethin you need to work up to tho obviously.

    Nothing is modified to the bike to help as far as balance, comes down too throttle/brake control and body position. There is other mods done to make the bike better suited for stunting just like how race bikes are modified to go faster/handle better etc..but nothing to help balance it any easier unfortunatly for us haha!

    Best thing you could do if u want to get into stunting is to get any kind of dirtbike and put in the time. Atleast u can pick the bike up in one piece when u loop it out a countless times until u get comfortable with the brake.. same thing applies on dirtbikes as roadbikes as far as throttle brake and clutch control. roadbikes are just a whole lot less forgiving in every way. I destroyed a gsxr750 by trying to skip some steps. I learnt fast after that tho! haha

    Other than getting a dirtbike all u can do is just take your time and with practice ul build up ur confidence and skills. watching stunt vids and meeting up with other stunters definitely helps alot too. Its something that doesnt just click you have to be persistant and work out what works and more importantly feels the most comfortable.
  8. very nice vid man!

    *goes off to buy a dirty*
  9. I like your safety gear! well the sun was low and you did need the tinted lense.he he