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Progress Report

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by SANZY, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. Hi All,

    After a few requests for an update on my condition i have decided to give it here. If you are not interested i would stop reading about HERE.

    I am still in hospital i have moved beds so i have a window now but not much else.

    I will be here for atleast the rest of this week before i get a review and hopefully my marching orders with in the week.

    As it stands i am recovering from my second skin graft. They covered a cut in my shin and it is fin now (just a different colour), after that part of the skin on the back of my heal had died and had to be removed. This was covered up with the second graft on monday. I am now bed ridden for the rest of this week.

    The physio has had me working and i am pritty competent at moving around on crutches even up and down stairs.

    I have not really dived into bike shopping as i am not preoared to get back on a bike till i am confident my banged up leg can handle the weight of myself and a bike if i need to put that leg down at a set of lights.

    At this point i will be back on the road right around when my P's expire i figure so i wil aim to get a good bike then rather than waist time on a little bike only for a month or so.

    Oh and a big reminder people WEAR YOUR GEAR ALL THE TIME.

    If i did not have my boots on i belive i would have lost my right foot in this accident.

    See you all on the road.
  2. Hey man, that's great news. We'll be there to take you for a ride when you come out...

    Endorse the gear too. God only gives us two feet. (I know, cos most of the time I'm standing on one and the other one is in my mouth!)
  3. Good-ish news, Sanz, sorry to hear that you're still in hosp, though. Chin up mate, soon you'll be up and chasing the nurses!
  4. Why wait to chase them i have a little button that if i press it they run to see how they can make my life more comfotable :p

    Narh life goes on I WILL RECOVER, and i am determined to ride again by this time next year. Even if it is just test rides of bikes i want to buy i will be back again.
  5. Here's hoping your recovery continues to be smooth, and you're back on 2 wheels asap!
  6. Good to see things are coming alone , however so slow .

    I say that on here all the time , some people just dont listen .