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Professional Trackday Vid from Ducati Singapore

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by geeteethree, Sep 20, 2011.

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    Thought I'd share this with you guys. Ducati Singapore track day at Sepang just a few weeks before the motogp boys hit town.


  2. 1:16 / 3:09 before anybody actually gets on a track. Hmmm.... followed by lots of very slow riders on very fast bikes.

    I've found more interesting things in my breakfast cereal than that.
  3. That was boring as batshit! Where's the part where someone does something? Nice shot of the guys gaping chicken strips when he pulls in lol!!!

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  4. Haha, mine are smaller from the road. lol
  5. Yeh it's not hard to beat that on a sports tour on the road. Even your average weekend warrior will take his tyres to the edge on his first track day.

    Anyway enough negativity, look at that track omg its smooth as a billiard table with never ending high speed sweepers *drool* definitely a litrebike track but id love a crack at it on anything.
  6. Yeah looks fantastic. Looking forward to getting onto the track this summer.
  7. a bit harsh fellas :D

    I thought the video was pretty good, some of the guys looked to be cruising but a few were getting into it. I agree with the sentiments on the track, looks awesome!
  8. Im a learner and i have smaller chicken strips then that.
  9. Well...to be honest I just threw it up here because I'm new to this forum, enjoyed the day and loved the track. Think the purpose of the video was to encourage participation in future track days so maybe they wanted to limit footage of guys on the edge. I thought they did a pretty good job but guess you can't please everyone.

    The chicken strips are mine actually...it's my desmo..and after waiting years to get my dream bike I can't afford to drop it so just cruised. My S1000RR takes the beatings because I can afford to replace anything I break.
  10. Haha fair enough, I don't think I'd hammer over a Desmo either... It'd be a piece of furniture in my lounge-room.

    Great editing of the video too. Just had to lol though at the closeups of the tyre though, it just seemed out of place amongst people getting kneedown on a track
  11. Hey welcome.........................very nice video, professionally done. Love the track and the fact that you can take a recording device on it without officials going off their rockers.

    Dont worry about the chicken strips.........keep posting up these vids if you have anymore, I love watching these things..........just makes this noob (me) want to go to more and more track days :). Its a costly addiction, but far better addiction than gambling and drugs IMO.
  12. Wow a desmo and a S1000RR! Pics please!
  13. Envy this guy :p

    Hope his name isn't realistic either, a Porsche 911 GT3 to set off his garage is just too much :-O
  14. Some people have all the luck. A horn bike, a horn car.................he must also have a horn chika :).
  15. wow. nice bikes...Out of curiosity, how does the s1000rr go against the desmo? For a mere mortal is there much difference?

  16. It's a good question.

    Thing is the Desmo is the last of it's kind. Tons of raw power on tap with no traction control, ABS or CPU's in the way. To bikes it's like the F40 is to cars. It will punish you if you get it wrong, is tricky to set up, runs hot as hell and drinks fuel like a drunken grandmother on sherry. But it's 100% addictive, sounds amazing, rewards you like nothing else if ridden well and has soul...tons of it...it actually talks to you around the track "no, no...don't do that or I'll throw you"..."yes!...do that!". Only problem is you can't exactly park it at the shopping center carpark.

    The S1000rr has similar power in the specs but doesn't feel that way. It's delivery is more linear. It's got all the CPU's protecting you. It's a great great bike but it's not a patch on a desmo...no soul. It does have the best gearbox I've ever ridden and the quick shifter is awesome.

    I just sold the BMW...will get an MTS for touring and jumping apexes at the track along with a set of race fairings for the desmo so I can use it as it's meant to be used.

    Regarding my nick...used to have a GT3 when I lived in Aus. In Singapore I travel too much to warrant having a nice car so no such luck - a GT3 here sets you back 600-700k.
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  17. Awesome. thanks for the insight. Things I'll unfortunately probably never get to experience myself...
    Desmos do sound awesome. Heard one at the motogp last year. one of the best engine I've heard I reckon. didnt know a desmo had no electronics. Would make a difference with all that power I guess.

  18. Never say never mate. I've had the arse out of my pants more times than I care to remember.
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  19. The vid wasn't very exciting, but the track itself looks pretty cool (shown at 0:33).
    Lots of double apex