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Professional Metal / Rim Polishing

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by doonx, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. I am seriously thinking of getting the rims on the VFR polished. I have heard that there are different considerations with "rough" finished rims, whether or not they should be clear coated, the need and difficulty in keeping them clean after they're polished etc.

    Can anyone give me a price estimation on getting them polished?

    Any recommendations on the best place to get them done ? (I'm in Melbourne. SE Suburbs, although that's less of a consideration)

  2. call rodney at western metal polishing
  3. When you say "rough" finished rims, you mean that the rim edge is machined, but the spokes etc are a coarse, as cast finish?
    If so, having teh spokes and non machined areas bead blasted and finished in clear looks fantastic, gives it a shiny look, but with a brushed texture, which really compliments the polished machined areas at the edges of teh rim.
    Just my opinion.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Doonx, ask Bambam101 (Scott). His come up a treat.. :cool:
  5. cool, ta :cool:

    typhoon - they are factory painted in a silver/grey, but they have a very "metal" surface to them, not shiny and smooth. I think you're right in saying that they have a "cast" finish to them.

    I'm not wanting the highly reflective finish of having them chromed, but I want a high polished finish that looks very bright shiny silver, almost chromed
  6. Might be worth asking somewhere like Advanced Alloy Wheel Repairs that do car wheels as well.
  7. Doonx,

    Are you willing to remove the wheels yourself? If you can (just the wheels, not the tyres) then give Joey from Outer Edge a buzz. He is in narre warren. He did mine and they look friggin sweet. Also, consider getting a thin rim sticker put on too. RIght at the edge of the polishing. Gives it a nice clean defined line. He charges about $220 - $250 to do edge polishing for both front and rear.

    If you cant be assed taking them off yourself and storing the bike, call Tristan at Redline in Dandenong. He'll do it for you and store the bike overnight. He charges about $340 to do it. He actually uses Joey for the polishing also.

    BE WARNED!!! Theyre a biatch to keep clean!!!

    Joey - 0423 020 961
    Tristan - 9792 5025

    You can just make out the black edge sticker on mine.
  8. thanks man, yours look the bomb !
  9. I spoke with Joey last week. He's now away for the next 2 and a bit weeks. Try him after then. If you're after a full rim polish you need to remove the discs and bearings too. Tristan can do that for you for a small fee.
  10. just a note...rodney at wester metal polishing charges about 250 to do the whole rim....i think the edges are about $100 dollars a rim....so you might save some $$$ there
  11. I got a price here in SA.....if you take in JUST THE RIM, they will do the outer lips for $70 a wheel, and $250-$280 for the whole rim.....depending on the difficulty....