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Professional funeral service

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by DOH, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. I won't divulge the funeral company's name but a friends just sent these to me. Caring, Kind, Considerate, Professional funeral service. They forgot to shut the back door and lock in the roller. The photos say it all. Feel for the relatives.






  2. Good effort.
  3. Murphy's law, the luck of the irish?

    Hard enough for family and friends without misshaps like this, shocking. :(
  4. :shock:
    Perhaps the person was just not ready to go yet ?

    Seriously .. appaulling :roll:
  5. I am a bad, bad man.

    Whilst feeling for the family/friends, I still find the situation darkly humourous :bolt: .
  6. Ahhhh that looks like Albury & roll over corner in the distance of the last pic

    I could be wrong :?
  7. Funny, I thought Albury too, when I saw the pics.
  8. If I had been there I would have been saying something like: "What a crock dude, where are the hidden cameras?"

    I think most companies, no matter how professional, would have a story like that they want to forget.
  9. Reminds me...

    Last year, at the funeral of an old friend from motorsport days. The guy was well known for being very hard to pass on track.

    Anyway, after the open-air service the funeral director's staff were wheeling the casket up a winding path on it's trolley, followed by the mourners.
    Just as some of the family went to go ahead, the casket on it's castor wheels got away from it's handlers and lurched suddenly to the outside of the turn, effectively preventing them from getting by.

    It was a classic 'Acko' blocking maneuvre. I don't think the family ever understood exactly why his racing buddies all suddenly burst out laughing.

    A racer to the very end :wink:
  10. Todays "AGE" ran a shot of it too. Yep, it's Albury , just near Olive St. They named the Undertaker too, but you don't need to know that it was Hossack.
  11. Come on people this is deadly serious. These people have made a grave mistake.

  12. Paul Hornet600 !!! . . . your not doing your job !!! :evil:
  13. No harm was done; they just have to rehearse it.
  14. Oh Paul.....................
  15. ..... you have no idea how many years, nay DECADES, I have waited to use that line :LOL:.
  16. You didn't have to inflict it on us.