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Production Superbike for a Beginning Racer?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Pleiades, May 25, 2009.

  1. Evening all. I'm doing the whole "I want to go racing" thing now, and am looking at my options. One that is open to me is using my current road bike, a K8 GSX-R 1000, in Production Superbike (or something similar) here in Vic. I realise that it would be easier to learn the ropes on a 250 or a 400, and it's not a "I want the biggest and best" thing, it's just that I own the bike and I now live some distance from where the bike is stored, so it will be getting very little use.

    If I went ahead with it, my plan would be to set it up for the track, then do a school (California Superbike or Goberts other one), and track days to get the hang of it. I've done 6 track days in the last 6 months, and really want to go and race.

    Any thoughts from racers? Thoughtful comments, pro or con, accepted gracefully.
  2. Not the best bike to start on, but do it anyway.
  3. I would sell it as is and buy one (for less money) that's already setup.
  4. Try and pick up an ex race, or ride day bike (1000cc) that is 4 or 5 years old for around $6k, it'll be ready to race, might have some spares, might have some expensive go-fast bits already fitted. If you don't like racing, for one reason or another, you'll get back most of your original outlay back if you sell it.
  5. And start saving for tyres now :LOL:

    You'd be better off using racing road tyres, sell them off when they are partly worn to help pay for the next new set. New tyres work GROUSE! Don't worry about slicks until you are at 1.40's at the Island, 1.00's at Broadford, 1.29's at Winton long track.
  6. isnt the current record 1min at broadford on an R1?
  7. Current lap record just dropped from a low 57 to a high 56 as far as I am aware.
  8. yeah, that's true, John. Shannon Johnson dit it.
  9. Hi Mate,

    Nah don't stress at all, just get out there!! I raced my first race last weekend at EC St George Series on my Aussie superbike Spec GSXR1000 - came 4th in grade!!!

    Could depend on what experience n stuff you have but the 600 class is just as competitive if not more so in some cases........
  10. Hi
    Just give it a go you will have a ball, I personally would use the bike you have in race trim and would give the slicks a go straight away, if you have not used them before you will not believe the extra grip they give you. You can learn the ropes as you put it on a 1000 with club raceing, state titles etc.
    I hadn't raced for 8 years and brought a track bike then ended up racing last years Moto GP support races and this years WSB support races and have entered for this years Moto GP Support races and I know that I will never race enough to be classified any more than a C grader ( and with my times probably shouldn't be) but I'm still haveing a ball
  11. Thanks to all for range of responses :)

    Have decided that the cost of rear tyres would make racing the Gixxer a little too much for me, so it's going on sale once I give it a nice clean and polish. Looking at 400's and 600's to race (couple of nice bikes out there at the mome).
  12. Good luck. As I found out, there is no thing as cheap or even cheaper racing, so be prepared to be totally hooked and broke!

    Once you start making progress in your class, you'll discover that you'll look for ways to close the gap to other riders and suddenly tyres that were good for 3 meets now need changing every event....Suspension that was more than adequate gets re-valved and so on.

    You'll give up all other activities to play this game and you'll love every minute of it, no matter where you finish!
  13. Yeah, it don't look cheap! But I've discovered that I want to go faster every time I go out, and every day I don't go out, it hurts...

    I've seen a couple of GSX-R 600's that look alright to start with, one a K4, the other a K5. My partner could sell sand to the Arabs, so I'm hoping to get her to help me arrange some sort of sponsorship deals once I get going (cheaper tyres, oil, etc). But I've not yet even got a bike, so shan't get ahead of myself.