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Procycles Hornsby

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by thetrumpetplayer, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. Anyone got any feedback on their servicing department? Anyone had a triumph/ktm serviced there? What were the fees like? Overall impression? Thanks.

  2. Extremely rude and aggressive, run the by the owner of both shop Anthony.
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  3. I factory service a triumph speedmaster and two Dr's 650's there. I've also tried to pink slip a bike there that was knocked back, and probably rightfully so, although it was only ever used off road hence why is was a mess. Have also lobbed there half an hour before knock off to have the tires changed on rims and separately the same for a pinched tube to be replaced. So have some experience with them, been going there about three years. Have gone to several other non factory/factory places before.

    I've not experienced the rude/aggressive side of things, however they're straight up. Abrupt maybe, no bullshit (in my experience). You know what you're getting and all the info is given to you, you deal with it, sort out your side of things and let them do their side of things. I have always asked for a call for approval for things to be done that are outside the job request and have never had any surprises in that regards. I always get a call and the chance to approve or decline the work. Have been caught out elsewhere with that one before.

    Not sure how they charge labour, if it be to the half or quarter hour but, as it normally is, it usually makes up the lion's share of the bill. Every time I've asked for an estimated for a factory service prior it have been almost spot on, and most times without the "oh we've just found.........." Asked for brake pads off a bike I had serviced last week to use as spares when off road and they were bagged and handed back when collecting the bike. Although I asked I had expected them to be turfed but there they were.

    I find it slightly more expensive but I think that might be the brand name thing, and the fact that they're factory qualified, I assume that takes money.

    I don't have such a high regard for another side of the business, but that's not relevant here !!!!
  4. I've used them once after buying a bike from them. Won't use them again as there are superior places nearby.

    Service was expensive, not very well done and lacked any understanding of customer service.

    The sales side of the operation is fine, I was in there again last week buying a new helmet and more Kriega gear. It's like two separate businesses.
  5. WombleWomble - Which other shops close by are you referring to?

    Been using them ever since I bought the Duke. No problems so far. Reasonable service (nothing to complain about) and very helpful parts department.
  6. fin mentalfin mental uses a chap called Jay (Fin can you post his business name please?). I've spoken to him on a Sunday lunchtime when a mate's BMW was dangerously unrideable due to poor servicing and Jay was more than happy to drop everything and provide a loan bike and recover the broken bike.

    I use Motorcycle Weaponry as they are closer to me - they've serviced my Z1000, M109R, K1300R and 2x CT110s, including rolling road tuning, re-maps, tyre changes etc. Never had an issue with them and really nice guys to deal with.

    The common denominator here is that both Jay and Motorcycle Weaponry are owned by the mechs who work on the bikes. They care about their reputation.
  7. Motorcycle Weaponry are great guys and really look after you. Small shop but good people.

    I've known the owner for about 16 years now.
  8. Jay is the chap who looks after my bike.
    He and his team have been brilliant.

    SMW located on Hunter Lane in Hornsby.
    Phone number 95655788
  9. Is that in the same lane as Procycles Service workshop closer to Officeworks?
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    That's an accurate description

    1/85 Hunter Lane
  11. +1 to Jay an his boys - excellent service, required tyre change an they fit me in that arvo - 1hr turnaround.
    Have also had mixed results with procycles up the road - as alluded to, the sales/parts department are good but the whole operation is let down by the garage side - completely abrasive! I have (between a mate and I) had several dealings there - mainly due to warranty/services etc - and all but one resulted in some complication that was completely unnecessary...
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