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Procycle Hornsby Helmet scam!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Kronos G, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. Having just got my Ls this week I went out to buy a helmet in the pouring rain today only to feel cheated by the dealer. I bought a agv helmet from hornsby's Procycle today. Little was I aware of my rookie mistake until I got home!

    With the "stickers" on, the helmet seems all normal.. but when I took it off, it seems like the visor on the helmet is rather worn with scratches everywhere! Well I didn't think of checking under the sticker when I was buying it! *facepalm* Did expect to pay for a helmet with a price tag of 400 and feels like I was getting a 2nd hand helmet :( I thought all helmets sold in shops were supposed to be "new"?
    If I had paid more attention this probably wouldn't have happened but I guess I didn't.

    I hope no other newbies will get the same experience

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  2. take it back or buy a tinted one
  3. Looks like it was a demo model with that price sticker on it?

    Yeah, take it back
  4. Whining on a web forum prior to approaching the shop and seeing if it was simply a mistake that can be cleared up seems like _very_ poor form to me.
  5. That's disgusting form mate - I've bought all my helmets bar one at Procycles Hornsby and most of my gear there too.

    Don't come on here and biatch about it prior to talking to the store and allowing them the chance to help rectify the mistake.

    They do NOT sell second hand, so don't just let your mouth run wild. What an idiotic thing to say!

    It's probably just been on the front shelf for a while and lots of people have tried it on.
  6. Fair enough, I apologies if it has offend you by expressing my thoughts with a little bit more anger and disappointment than I should have. If I have known how things works with the experience as you guys do I may feel different and picked different words to describe the situation. I'm just saying you wouldn't feel very good neither if it's your first time buying a new tv with your hard earned money and then moment you took it home from the shop you've found lots of scratches on it? Probably can be resolved but still frustrating.
    Thanks for responding with your thoughts and for some of your constructive criticisms and I'll take it back next weekend.
  7. The real test of any shop/service is not how they handle smooth transactions but how they handle
    Bumpy ones.


    I'm sure the shop will be more than happy to help you if you contact them promptly and explain the problem politely.
  8. If you didnt notice it with all the stickers then maybe it goes the same for the store?..... just something you might want to keep in mind.

    as others have said, take it back, explain politely, and im sure they will fix it up for you.
  9. don't wait til next weekend, get your ass back there right now!
    or at least call and speak to them on the phone, see what they can do for you. accessories shops in australia have it hard enough already competing with the likes of US based webstores where we can buy gear often for half the price we can get it here, i highly doubt they'd intentionally do you over
  10. I would be hurrying up getting back to the shop.
    I have never seen a new helmet with a visor that scratched. Ever.
    Good thing you have photo's of it. I would also be covering the back door with an email with pics to who supplies AGV here in Aus.
  11. Thanks guys for the support and feedback.
    I want to take it back ASAP but they're not open today! And I only realised last night at about 11:30pm... and I work in the eastern suburbs so I can't get to hornsby during the day time. So will just have to call them and see what they can do.
    Thanks for the tip :) I'll remember to explain politely and email AGV supplier.
    Btw, I did not mean to offend any Procycle fan/customers. I admit I was furious and frustrated so I'll update you guys on what happens.
  12. I have a very good friend who works part-time at Pro-Cycles and he speaks highly of the people there; if you take the helmet back and explain the situation I'm sure you'll get a sympathetic hearing...

    I've also called in 'off the road' with a problem with the bike on a stinking hot Saturday morning and had the workshop guys fix it straight away; :shock: :LOL:
  13. What difference does that make?

    OP: My experience is that normally the shop will put a brand new visor on as you buy it. Either way, selling it in that condition is poor. If they have any courtesy they will replace it.
  14. sorry, i should have explained more fully.

    i mean, i've been there many times for many different sales, and have always had excellent service, excellent products, and all my helmets have been A1.

    just stating that they don't do dodgy stuff.

    the service there has always been great for me too, fitting me in at late notice on any day of the working week and even on saturdays, plus, never had an issue giving me a loan bike when I was on my L's going for my P's. they were just absolutely awesome all the time.

    if you didn't notice it in the shop with the sticker on, they obviously didn't either. it doesn't mean it was there fault, and i think it's really shitty of you just to come straight on here and bag them out and give them a shit report prior to talking to them.
  15. They have a sister store in st peters, if you call them they might swap it there.
  16. So, did you call them yet?
  17. Ill tell u whats happened here as ive done it before, went to shop, asked for a new visor for my helmet, shop said didnt have any in stock, we can order it for you, i said ok, order it but give me a visor from 1 of the helmets on display and when the new 1 comes in replace the display helmet visor, they said no dramas

    in your case, im guessing they forgot to replace it
  18. I've called them. The manager Julie was nice enough on the phone. Said that she'll have someone contact me and email the particulars to me, that was around 12:30pm today. Just checked my email now at 12am, haven't got anything yet. No calls, no messages so I've wrote back another email to give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe they were just busy and forgot about it. Will see what happens tomorrow.
  19. I doubt it - they wouldn't have put the stickers on it
  20. I wouldn't be surprised if a customer rooted their visor and decided to swap it over for 'free' rather than purchase a new one. It's highly unlikely a store (or clerk) would knowingly try to hide a damaged visor like that knowing full well that the damage to their reputation would be worth far more than the helmet itself.

    Can you confirm Kronos that the helmet is unused and undamaged except for the visor?