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Featured Process of tracking my ZX-6R ... The Kangasaki

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by KANGA, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Hey guys so going through the slow process of converting the ZX as money comes in and getting it tracked up. Looking for some advise from those who have already set up track bikes/trailers for them selves.

    Things I have sorted out
    One 2010 ZX6R ... duh

    a set of Pirelli Superbike Pro Track day slicks

    Front and rear paddock stands.

    GB Racing engine protection kit. Decided I'm going to remove the kaneg crash knobs as they bolt in to the engine and I'm thinking fairing replacement is going to be cheaper then engine parts.

    New set of Kaneg Tyre warmers.

    1 spare rear tyre warmer because my fcuking front one died hence the new kanegs.

    Things I need to sort out
    As far as the bike is concerned I need to get a set of race fairings sorted. Looking at getting a set from superbikesource.com.au Anyone had any experience with these guys? I kind of just dig the fuel tank cover option to be honest so I can do a complete paint job.


    Total would come to 770 shipped.

    Has anyone tried any of the ebay fairings? were they considerably cheaper and was it worth it for the quality?

    I'm looking at 2 potential options for rear sets. I like the look of the vortex ones because they have folding lever tips which would potentially mean less replacement parts in the event of and off and the possibility of getting back on again in the same day if damage was minimal. On the downside it seems you can only get spare parts from OS so if I did need to get replacement parts it might take a while.

    Other option is wet4u or kaneg rear sets (they look to be exactly the same, I'm guessing they use the same manufacturer) no folding levers but would be able to get replacement parts easily as both are based in Sydney.

    Will look at quick shifters later down the line but looking at Annitori at this point.

    Trailer Set up
    Going halves with a mate, buying a 8 by 5 box trailer which we intend to set up with some kaneg trailer mates. Has anyone used those tyre down tie downs for the rear wheel? Are they far superior to regular tie downs to the chassis? I also heard they can scuff up rear huggers and chain guards pretty badly, is there any truth to that?

    Cheers guys, this is going to be a bit of a slow process so don't expect to many updates. Hoping I will all be ready by summer.
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  2. Wish I was you... subscribed.
  3. Get fibreglass fairings from doctorglass. Do a search he's Aussie and the fibreglass is good and you can get it with carbon fibre edges around the screw holes for extra strength. Kits come complete. Might be a bit more but shipping is free and quality is excellent.

  4. Hey Kanga,

    Your doing everything right there mate, so keep on the right track.

    Jury is out with the crash knobs. Some guys like them, some don't, personal I don't like them. A low side may turn into a high side due to the knobs. Your call though.

    Fairings- again personal choice, but I dont see the point buying the pricey ones. I'm looking at another set from these guys o/s-


    Wet4u are also good for fairings. Being local in nsw.

    Rearsets - I'm the same, gone down the cheap road, looked at the Vortex ones but as you said spares are required from o/s and turn around time if required urgently would not be good.
    Looking at Kaneg at the moment.

    QS- Annitori from superbikeSource or riders discount.

    Trailer/ tyre down- I use a tyre down and it fantastic. I'd put an old bath mat or hand towel over the tyre before placing the tyre down on, saves it digging into a soft rear tyre.

    Enjoy all the fun involved in set up and continuing the ongoing love affair!!!
  5. I don't have a zx6r, so speaking generally here, I'd still run low profile sliders like woodcraft, they are frame savers not fairing savers so they shouldnt stick out anyway, pretty much beyond the frame but below the fairing. But some bikes slide better than others anyway. Fairings - the good ones repair easier, some painters will refuse to repair and repaint sh1t fairings, they are impossible to work with or get a good finish. Tough call justifying nice glass. Rearsets - vortex, avoid the local rebadged ebay sh1t, it's sh1t. That said, good luck finding the replacement toe pieces on vortex, not the easiest part to track down. I have a tyre down but I dont use it. The trailer mate front stands with bar tiedowns and a simple tiedown wrapped around the rear wheel is more than sufficient. IMO it's the front of the bike that needs securing, not the back. And yes the tyredowns cut and wear through anything (plastic or metal) if mounted funny or they slip and rub in transit.
  6. Do yourself a favour and just buy mine ;)

    You know who prep'd it and how good he is at what he does.
  7. Plus respi has a Yamaha which will spank a Kawasaki all day long. :D
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  8. I was wary of the chinese fairings... until I bought a set. www.racefairing.net is where I have sourced 2 sets now. Amazingly cheap but I have no complaints about the quality whatsover. Price is around $200, add $50 for kevlar lining on all edges and mount points, shipping was $170. I also got all the other bits n pieces like tinted screen, heat shielding, fasteners etc at cheap prices. Fit was good. Always a bit fiddy and time consuming when you have to drill the mounts but all worked out fine. My second set for my CBR600rr I even got them to do a race rep. (LCR) paint scheme. That was only $170!!! Try gettin that done anywhere in oz and it'll set you back 5 times that.

    cbr.JPG Anyway I was pleasantly surprised with the purchases. It took around 3 weeks for the first set to arrive and an extra week or so for the painted ones.


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  9. That's because Chinese people get paid 3c for the paint job and have to inhale all those toxic lead paint fumes to paint them. :D

    Seriously though looks nice
  10. That's sweet Darren, might have to check that out!!!
  11. wow first of all thanks for all the replies guys.

    Darren what happened to the first set if you don't mind me asking? They look like an interesting option, not the best navigating site though that's for sure, did you have to email them or is there a proper online shopping cart? Did it come with all the fasteners and everything or did you have to buy some extra parts? Looking like a good option at this point

    At this point though I'm not sure of the quality I'm thinkinh wetty for the rearsets. Hes located in Wentworthville so if worse came to worse at the creek there might be an opportunity to give him a call and run over to grab a part.
    Then again vortex have the folding lever which would probably save the tip and your most likely to lose the footpeg which I could keep a spare to hand. Anything more then the lever I'm thinking the whole unit will have to be replaced ... I dunno damnit! I'll give it some more thought.


    I just found this which is another option for a tyre down style tie down for the rear wheel. Seems like its flexible enough that I would be able to use it on the tard if I ever wanted to do one of the motard track days at the kart course. Doesn't look like it will damage or scuff up your bike/tyre.


    Richi the woodcrafts look interesting, look to be considerably shorter then the kanegs my bike came with. My main worry is with the way the ZX mounts them is to the engine mount and I'm worried something like this will happen http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa104/silversrt4ken/chipofftheoleblock.jpg

    Andy your bike just isn't fluro enough mate :D

    RR I'm not going to bite ... you know what you can shove your yamahas right u... no ... *deep breath* ... not going to bite :p

    Thanks again guys for all the input, really appreciate it.
  12. Taking it a bit serious mate. Does everything have to end with j/k on NR. I've never owned a Yamaha but respis does look good for the money then you have best of both world
  13. I was only taking the piss mate, meant nothing by it hence the tounge smiley ... wow that sounds dirty lol.
    I got my ZX for 6 grand less then what Repsi is asking for (was a bargain) so its cheaper for me to convert it over. If I could afford it I would nab it in a second though.
  14. Did it literally fall off the back of a truck?
  15. I actually thought the same thing, was seriously paranoid when I went to check it out. Took 2 mates just incase it was a setup lol. Turns out the dude wanted to get rid of it quickly because the rego was about to run out and he already had a S1000RR replacement ... he works for google.
  16. "
    Darren what happened to the first set if you don't mind me asking? They look like an interesting option, not the best navigating site though that's for sure, did you have to email them or is there a proper online shopping cart? Did it come with all the fasteners and everything or did you have to buy some extra parts? Looking like a good option"

    Yeah I think I emailed them asking for an invoice for everything I wanted. I think I paypal'd the funds to them. The fasteners were extra but real cheap, like 10-15 bucks I think.
    The original set are still going strong. They are on my gsxr1000 k8 trackypictured in my avatar
  17. Cheers mate much appreciated looks like a good option. I've sent them off an email inquiry. I'll keep you guys updated on the process.
  18. Darren,

    Im also interested to know how you went about purchasing these fairings.

  19. WWW.race fairing.net check out the site and email them what you want. They will send an invoice. Re the paint scheme they told me they could do anything u want. Just have to give them good pics of what you're after.
  20. How long did it take for them to get back to you? Not heard anything yet :(