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NSW Proceed thru red arrow - Camera detected

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Justin Stacks, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. I got a ticket for making a right on a red arrow. I proceeded because it was yellow, but then the car in front of me slowed down as traffic was backed up, and got hit with the red.

    If I request a review and use my "I have a 10 year clear Australian driving record" defence that they offer, is it guaranteed they'll drop the charge?

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    Don't know but I would love to see the stats on this,bet there making a fortune.Doesn't take much to blow the orange arrow,I got done at a light where I knew there was a camera and my GPS pinged a warning as well.At close to $400 and 3 points it really stings.I am that guns shy now I really check my mirrors at lights way more in case I need to do an emergency stop.Damed if you do and damed if you don't.
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  3. My mum did a similar thing in her car a few years ago, she used the 10 year safe driver thing and the charges were dropped, I would say your chances are good :)
  4. SW-eeeeeeeeeeeeeT!

    That $400 is pretty damn hefty.
  5. Don't forget you are supposed to stop on a yellow if you can do so safely, not just proceed through it. To paraphrase the Starman quote, Yellow light does not mean 'go very fast'.
    we had an incident here a year or so back. Semi-trailer was headed through town and decided to turn left against the lights to save him some time ... except there was a pedestrian on the road. They were crossing with the green 'walk' light and the truck almost nailed them. Truckie pulls up in a cloud of smoke, jumps out of the truck and chased the pedestrian up the street trying to assault them! Poor girl ran like hell!
  6. Yep some politician is eating out at a $100 a plate restuarant thanks to you ;)
  7. Not only that, but even with a green light, you aren't supposed to go into the junction unless you have a reasonable way to get out of said junction.
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  8. True, although it would attract a lesser charge. It'll all depend on what the camera shows, and how the camera is activated. Maybe get a copy of the photo and think about how to word the letter.
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  9. True, and I see more than a few people end up blocking intersections when they find themselves stuck when the light changes. More than a few trucks do it here as well.
  10. In Sydney they pretend to 'get stuck' to be first around the intersection when traffic starts to move.

    For example, Concord rd x Paramatta rd. in peak hour is blocked every cycle of the lights, that's no 'oops I made a mistake'. Fortunately Fraser motorcycles bollard their carpark so bikes can bypass the mess :)
  11. Here is the scenario in my case. 600 am I am in a car approaching the intersection.I know there is a Red light speed camera there and my Tom Tom sounds the alert tone.The arrow for a left turn is green,I look to my right as I approach to check for anyone coming through,I look back at I start the turn and the arrow is now orange and turns Red mid intersection.Done exactly the same thing for years,not charging hard at the turn.Since then I have changed the nice pleasant Beep Beep Beep tone on the Tom Tom for camera alerts to the most annoying one I could find.
    I defiantly agree there needs to be something done for Red Light Blow through ts.
    Seen some shockers 3 4 and 5 seconds after the Red appears but in my case it was really line ball.
  12. I've drilled my kids to stop on the yellow light when they can do it safely and try to be consistent with it myself. I've seen (or attended) enough prangs for it to hit home.
    In my younger days I used to go stop light drag racing on the F4. Barrels of fun ... but if one cage monkey had decided to run the light, and they do it all the time down there, I would have been boned.
    I think I can have a lot more fun upright than pushing up daisies, personally, so I've calmed down a bit since then.
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  13. been there. done that. failed. (in victoria) as the laws here explicitly do not allow second chances for traffic light offences. Hope you have more luck in NSW
  14. I'd prefer to think that some nurse or teacher has a job because of him ;)