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procedure to take with bike not ridden for months

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by shonofear, May 9, 2011.

  1. hey fellas,

    got myself a VTR 250 that wasnt ridden/started for quiet some time and was wondering the procedure to take to make sure I don't harm the bike.
    old mate from Hinterland bikes says to empty out carby cause it may create chemical reactions from sitting for so long...
    and empty fuel out of tank of course.

    quick answers would be helpful as me mates with me now to help, and he has the tools.

  2. Oil and filters (ie air and oil...).
    Depending on just "how long", possibly brake fluids.
    Have a REAL good look at your tyres too, particularly the sidewalls.
    Others will offer more, but that should keep you going for a while...
  3. How long is quite some time? If long it probably wouldn't hurt to pull the plugs give a squirt of oil into the cylinders and turn the engine over by hand (rotate the wheel by hand with bike in gear) just to get a bit of lube onto the cylinder walls.
  4. cheers,
    just emptied out the carby and current fuel in the tank, replaced with premium fuel last nite and will empty some through the carby today ? would this be enough for fuel cleansing...
    checked air filter but not sure what to compare with to know if it needs replacing, looked ok though.
    Brake fluids, yea not even sure how long its been sitting around.
    Can/should i do a check of VIN to find out its history on the road ie. when it was last registered/how many owners etc?
    Since ive never done a oil/filter on a bike (plenty on cars) should i just take it to Hinterland motos for a service then leave it there for roadworthy.
    i still have the hired moto trailer and was hoping could take the bike straight to Hinterland this morning to get it all done in 1 hit then obtain permission to ride it straight to QLD transport...

    Ill admit, I feel a little silly to be honest, going to an auction only looking at the bike 15mins prior to the start. it was the first item of the auction as well and I ended up getting it for $2300 + $268 auction fee
    for an 05 VTR250 in pretty good nick, 25k odom
    but if all goes to plan hope to have it on road for little over $3 geez
  5. yea, tried to find a tool to get the plugs out but dont have 1. plus the awkward position dosent help. could i really damage the bike if try to kick it over with old seized up plugs?
  6. It's not the plugs being seized which will do damage. However if they have seized it's a probably indicator that a whole lot of other things are also likely to be not quite right.

    But one day you will need to get them out so why not do it now. A plug socket won't cost that much and give a good squirt of WD40 or equivelant to help them loosen a day or two before you set to work on them.

    Most of the stuff recommended isn't that hard to do. In fact the hardest bit will be undoing seized nuts/bots. But if you don't know what you are doing then I would recommend getting someone to show you how, or if you can't do that take it for a service and get it checked before potentially doing damage.
  7. funny you say that about the plugs, mechanic said the bike was running of just 1 spark plug until it just eventually released and started to work.
    yea, prob needs new plugs pretty soon, but its going ok now not on my high priority list.
    the bike has turned out to be a heap of fun.
  8. Plugs are cheap. If they are at all suspect then replace then before they let you down and strand you somewhere.

    Not sure what running on one until it started to release means. If a plug isn't running there is a reason and if you don't know what the reason is, how do you know it won't happen again.

    Murphy's Law not only says it will, but also at the most inconvenient time.
  9. touche,
    noted, just need the tools to perform the extraction and insertion, need to do oil and filter so prob do it all together.
    yea didnt really make sense saying 'it just cleared up' maybe he did pull the plug out and cleaned it, sprayed some special stuff down the hatch. the fella from Hinterland says he has the magicians touch.
  10. A plug spanner is cheap too. You just need to know what size it is for your bike.
  11. If you can do a filter and oil service on a car properly then a bike is no different.
    Oil amount will be stamped on the motor near the sight glass or above where the oil filler is.
    I would be getting rid of the old oil pretty quick. Check the sight glass for moisture or fogging.
    Get the plug gap from someone on here for the plugs.
    A bike motor rebuild is not cheap. But cheap to avoid.
    ps get rid of the tyres before they kill you as well.
  12. wise words,
    well i found the VTR service manual online so can lookup socket/plug removal size. would it be a 2 man job since i dont have a back wheel stand? or can securely lean it up against something ?
    as for tyres, mechanic replaced new front and back prob has over 50% but does sorta looked aged. locked up trying an emergency stop at lights this morning, but backed off an back on to em, need to use more fronts though, especially since its dry.
    as for oil filter, can i get from local super cheap auto or they all about the caged (ha, first time refer to car as caged, im guessing the meaning is pretty logical)
    ta bruda
  13. Places like Super Cheap do have some oil filters for bikes. Different people have different views as to how good they are. I am guessing a new crap filter is still probably better than an old oil filter.

    You do need the bike upright to drain the old oil properly.
  14. Just lean it up against the wall and chock the rear wheel.
    Hi Flo are a cheap oil filter and probably what Super Cheap sell. And cough cough what we mostly use when servicing your bike at a shop.
    Ps while your in Super Cheap. The Castrol Fully Synthetic motorcycle oil they sell is bloody good.
  15. thanks fellas,
    nice inside info on the filters as well, will try out the Castrol if its there tomora.