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Probs with new Z750

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by zoot, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. So about 2 months ago I bought a new Z750 cos of the total drama I had with an intermittent issue with a 2nd hand Blade I bought, I lost money on the blade, only owned it for a couple of trouble packed months & it really bummed me out.

    So last week I got a puncture in the rear. No biggie, I patched it up then went & got it internally plugged by the closest shop. After picking it up the steering was really sloppy, over the next few days I played with various tyre pressures, including the recommended one obviously. I also fiddled with the suspension. I have given it the visual once over & I cant see any damage that may have occured when the plug was done. The wheels are both on the right way & everything looks fine to the eye.

    I ride this every day to work & it has got to the stage where it feels unsafe to ride, going straight is fine but when turning , especially on bumps it feels like it is going to tuck under , and even like the wheel may come off!! ( the front one ) . It just feels REALLY REALLY wrong .

    I am soo bummed after my previous experience & then spending all my savings to bite the bullet on a new bike that im having issues again. I decided I would take it back to where I bought it , rather than the local pluggers as I am hoping they will treat it as a warranty issue & I will get a better deal since I bought it there. I imagine if I took it back to the plug place I would get hit with " we just put a plug in " & they will look at it for more $ .

    So its getting looked at next Tue, but I am still riding it , now in the Sydney rain & feeling like it could all go pear shaped at any moment .

    Anyone got any suggestions as to what it may be ? This is a 2 month old bike that was going fine, had its 1st 1000K service & has not been dropped , modded etc .

    I wish I could just fix this easily myself but I dont know what is wrong . :cry:
  2. It really shouldn't be like that....obviously.

    I've had 3 plugs in the rear at once and it still rode fine.

    What kind of pressures are you running? And when you check it every morning has it lost any pressure? or is the plug sealing properly?

    Best to take it back to repairer? Maybe something's loose.
  3. It's brand new??? Take it back!! That's what warranty is for. If the symptoms are as bad as you say, their mechanic should feel them too and know what to fix. (I assume you got the tyre fixed at the place from which you bought it?)

    But if you want my suspicious opinion, I reckon the mechanic who did the tyre has left out one of the rear wheel spacers when he's put the wheel back on.
  4. wheel spacer installed wrong or missing.
  5. In regard to tyre pressures I have tried them all, messured with 3 diff guages , etc etc , its not that . And teh plug is working .

    The rear tyre was repaired but its the front that feels terrible. Would a missing spacer cause this effect ?

    I got it plugged at a local joint , not where I bought it , and when i decided it was a big prob I decided to take it back to where I bought it as i sorta trust them , but I guess I should really take it back to the pluggers first as they seem to have had some thing to do with tis prob emerging .
  6. is there any way to check if the spacer is missing visually, without taking off the wheel ??
  7. Yeah the spacers sit between the wheel and the forks. In the centre of the brake discs.

    If you have an electronic speedo, where the drive doesn't come of the centre of the wheel then you will probably have a spacer on each side. They will likely be different thicknesses.

    If they get swapped they will bugger up the handling.

    So they may be there, just not installed correctly.
  8. iblast, the rear wheel was the one that got teh plug in it, but its teh front end that seems out of wack. Could a spacer issue on the back wheel cause this you think ? Where do I look to see if teh rear spacer is missing.

    Thanks for your help.
  9. Yeas there are likely to be spacers in the rear, but it's more likely they just havn't got it adjusted correctly.

    They may have just lined up the marks on the swing arm (they may not have even done that) and they are likely to be wrong.
  10. Bike Mechanics #101.

    Problems with the rear wheel, alignment, pressure, sacked or badly adjusted shock(s), etc OFTEN manifest themselves as instability in the front end.