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Probs gettin the spark out

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by sunite, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. well i heard that getting the plug out u get given a tool, when u get the bike......

    cuz the i tried putting a 18mm sparkplug socket throught thr "hole" but she wont fit, tried attacking it wit a 18mm spanner, too wide on the sides...

    im desperate, as i have cleaned everything but the plugs and im sure its whats keepin the bike from moveing.....

    also would i as a last resort take out the whole engine block just to change it, i saw b4 in the guys cbr250 he hhad just about to ( radiator, fairing, tank)...
    or is there a place where i can get this "tool"???
  2. Is your spark plug tool the one that comes with the bike?
    Have you tried an auto parts store ilke Repco or Bursons? I found that the spark plug fitted to my bike was a different brand and size to the one recommended in the Haymes manual and had to buy a different size tool.
  3. Sunnyjim, I'm not sure if you are being serious or not, but if an 18mm socket wont fit then it's the wrong size socket, you will need to buy the correct one.
    Maybe a mechanic would be better suited to doing mechanical work to your bike?

    Is the bike a single cylinder dr250 as your nic suggest or a multi cylinder cbr as mentioned in your post?
  4. If I've read this right your having trouble getting the correct size plug socket (18mm) to fit into the hole in the head to undo your spark plug?

    If this is the case either go and buy a skinny socket from repco or attack the one you already have with a grinder till it fits.
  5. reply

    I had a CBX250 single lunger.

    The plug was buried down deep. I got the so called special plug spanner from a Honda shop. While the spanner fitted, I could not get the damn thing in or out again.

    I had to cut about 25 mm from the top and re drill the lever hole. It worked ok then.

    An ordinary socket will not work because of the length of the plug. It has to be either a proper plug spanner with the rubber in the end to grip the plug to pull it out or a tube spanner. Tube spanner will need long nosed pliers to grab the plug if the spanner drops it.

    You may find it easier to lift the fuel tank off first if the plug is on top. I cant remember what your bike looks like.

    Keep trying.

  6. Well this would have to be the most useless post i've seen in a LONG while, the guy had a damn good question and you all but call him a D***H***,
    I hope you have read the other posts from above and below yours, as they read into it what he was trying to get across.
    Some sockets do need adjusting b4 they will fit, The manufactures dont take into account 'normal' sockets, and make the opening to tight for anything other than there tool number 78989872983593265986 , to get even more $$$ out of you.
    He was right in that breakage of either cooling fins or getting his socket jammed in the recess, if he didn't ask for advice.

    So yeah Sunite go to repco or super cheap and buy a socket, and basically butcher it till it does fit
    :) :p
  7. You beat me too it. Well said :applause:

    Its it amazing how many people on this board pay out on people asking questions even if they themselves have NO fcukING IDEA WHAT THEY ARE ON ABOUT.

    Ignore the ignoramuses.

    As VTRBob said you need a special sized tool.

    Im going to assume its for a CBR250 as I know they are particularly difficult. Im trying to find a thread on CBR250.com that explained it step by step, but no luck thus far. GO to your local honda dealer. If they are any good they will know and stock the exact tool you require. From memory its about $20. Its a special thin walled socket.
  8. Geez Bobby show your true identity, if the spanner don't fit, it's the wrong spanner, maybe 18mm is the wrong size, there are various sizes in spark plugs, basically what i already said, but if you want to turn it into a mud slinging event go for it.

    And if you take a long hard look you know I am right, if he/ she is having so much trouble working out how to remove a spark plug/s then maybe it would be best for someone else to do the job.

    Maybe you would recomend a broken plug from using an ill fitting/butchered spanner?
    Great help that would be Bobby!
    And Cowboy by name etc etc.
  9. One of the best investments is to get a original tool kit for your bike. Many of the tools in them are crap, but would rather have something, as oposed to nothing on teh side of the road. Some tools may not be quite "snap on" quality, but they are purpose made, such as the spark plug tool that some have mentioned. If you dont already have a stock tool kit, try and get one. New from a dealer im guessing is not cheap. Bike wreckers can be a good bet. I got one from a guy on a forum similar to this one when he wrote off his bike. Most of the tools are standard fare, but a few are not and they are the ones ya need. I know spark plugs are always difficult. It often ends up a complex array or extensions, uni bars, grazzed knuckels and a socket that looks like it will spend the rest of its life on the plug it doesnt wanna leave. Or just use the toolkit version. Now I make sure I get one with any bike I have.

    In answer to the original post - can someone please help them, sell them or lend them the required tool? Or post where people have had success in obtaining them?

  10. Maybe you should go and do a mechanical course so you know what your talking about as well. where not talking about butchering the inner hex section but grinding down the outer till it will fit down the hole.
    AND I CAN TELL YOU EVERY TRUE MECHANIC HAS ONE ( or many ) OF THESE "BUTCHERED" SOCKETS and other tools IN THERE TOOLBOX so you dont have to go out and spend a fortune on 'special' tools.

    ie: i still have my 9/16 open/ring spanner bent at 85deg to get to the lock nut on valient and old holden distributors. as well as two spark plug sockets ( both sizes ) that have been 'altered'

    AND DONT CALL ME BOBBY :evil: :evil: :evil:
  11. Now if Suunite would be kind enough to reply with some details of make and model, real help maybe forthcoming.
    Is it a Suzuki DR250, or a Honda CBR 250?
  12. ok its a suzuki dr 250 im having the problems with ok, its a single cylinder, its the right size as when i removed the cap, i could see the detail of the sparkpulg and what size it was..... went down town got a replacement sparkplug and the guy behind the counter said u will need a 18mm socket

    went to the next shop (supa cheap auto) and got a 18mm long socket, said its exactly the same as a sparkplug socket without the rubber ring inside....

    so i tried the replacement sparkplug into the socket, and it fits:D

    so yup ill go and ask supz cheap auto and see if they can order in a "skiiny socket dats 18mm"

    thanx dudes:D
  13. as the problem really is to get it into the "hole" ( between the engine fins and the main head) there is a for the sparkplug, that i am sure of:))

    well the bike was popular at the time..... but not to sure now???

    gee its 23 years old, it was discontinued at 89`.....
  14. is it possable to remove the fairing so you can get to the plug easier?
    I dont know cuz I have only had naked bikes but it sounds reasonable.
  15. well dude its a road/trailie so its naked ne wayz........
  16. You need a tube spanner rather than a socket , the holes that the spark plugs are recessed into , sometimes do not leave enough clearance to get a socket into..

    Find a tube spanner that fits( Normally cheaper than buthering a good socket) , and apply a little blue tac to the end to grab the plug , especially if the plug sits deep in the recess.
  17. Bob and the cowboy go back and read my post again, you might find that it is starting to make a lot of sense.