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Problems With My Honda Spada - Can Anyone Help

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by RIDERCHIC, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. So I have this little honda spada that I have effectionately named Renata....maybe thats the problem...anyway -

    I take off, she rides beautifully - as long as she is properly warmed up. Purrs and plays nice. can ride for as long as I want at this stage.
    The problems start after I stop for a while. This can be for any period of time. After I start her up again, she might go for a km at the most before she starts chugging like she has dropped a cylinder or run out of fuel etc...not really sure...not the most technical person really.
    Once she stalls (which will happen very quickly if I drop the revs - I tend to just floor it until I can get to a side street or a shoulder somewhere safe) the only way to start her up it to open the fuel tank - maybe an airlock there - again not sure - then give her full choke to start and back it off again....once this has happened this process will happen the whole way home....its just a matter of picking the safest route and hopping home.
    Can anyone suggest what could be the problem?
  2. think you might be right with a fuel tank breather hose... do you have the workshop manual for it? can you find the hose and remove it and see if it's blocked?
  3. thanks for that...will enlist my brothers help to check that out....would that be typical of the bike when starting after a decent ride and stopping for a while? (does that even make sense)
  4. ahhh nevermind me asking whats up with the bike 2+2=ummmm....

    i dunno, but if opening the tank fixes it then it makes sense that the breather is blocked. this would cause a vacuum(or at least -ve pressure difference in the tank and slow the flow of fuel to the carby... opening the throttle or the choke would help get fuel out, but will also flow more air and run lean (possibly causing it to run hotter)....

    the good news is, if that's what it is then it should be a really easy fix :)

    if it's not blocked then check the fuel lines from the tank including the petcock/reserve tank tap.
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  5. cool....thanks..

    I thought you were just being cheeky on the other post....lol
  6. Hi there,

    My friend had the exact same problem, it'd be running fine and then revs would drop, suddenly sound like a thumper and the front header would get cooler. If we pulled the front plug, it'd be covered in fuel so for a bit we would just always carry some spare plugs and replace as it went.

    After some help from Netrider and playing around we thought it might be an electrical problem, that the front wasn't sparking all the time. Had guesses from the reg/rec, spark unit/CDI, pulse generators, coils, leads etc. In the end, I just cleaned every electrical contact I could find and sprayed them with WD40. It works great now, haven't had a single plug fouled in about 700km.

    Just a though anyway, thought it could very well be the fuel vent as mentioned above.


  7. thanks for the info....I think I might take it to the shop with these suggestions...I had it in there a few weeks ago with the same problem - they thought there was water near the sparks - but I hadnt done anything except ride in very mild rain...they didnt really find anything....hopefully if I give them some ideas of what to look at they migh tfind something....I am sick of having to ride near emergency lanes...lol
  8. so I took the bike to the shop and gave them the info above and it turned out to be the fuel breather hose so thanks heaps she is now running like a dream....thanks for the help...happy days.
  9. hehe glad to hear! I'm gonna keep an eye on our VTR for this cause it seems to be a common problem :)
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