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Problems with LED indicators - V Star 650

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Bnolan02, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I've recently purchased a 2009 V-Star 650, which had no indicators at all when I purchased it (apparently they had been snapped off when the owner had it parked in the city). He told me that it had LED indicators on it before they were snapped off.

    I've just installed some new LED indicators in the front and rear, however I'm having issues!

    Symptoms are:

    - Rear indicators won't turn on at all
    - Front indicators will turn on, however stay constantly on when just left or right is selected (don't flash)
    - Front indicators both flash when hazards are selected (however fast, and dont completely dim between flashes)

    I originally thought it would be the flasher relay (however thought a new one would have been put in when he changed over to LED's), but when I had a look I couldn't even tell what was going on with the relay. It looked like the relay had been pulled out and there was something else there? Or am I looking at the wrong thing? I just couldn't see anything that looked similar to a stock relay, and can't figure out why the front indicators would still be flashing if there is no relay? I'm guessing I might need to install some resistors? I will try to post some pictures, if anyone is able to help that would be awesome!

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  3. If the indicators were ripped off as an act of vandalism, then checking the wires is probably a good move.

    Stressed wires can have the conductors (wire inside) broken by pulling on them, and if the path includes any push/pull connectors, they could have been unseated or the wire connection to the connector damaged. Either of these could account for no light at all in the rear. This is where I would start - ensuring that the circuitry to the rear lights is intact.

    I am not familiar with your bike, so no further comment.
  4. from what i have seen you need to make sure you have a non load sensitive electronic flasher relay, seems a common problem some bikes just work others dont
  5. Thanks for the replies. I put in a new flasher which made no difference. I went over and over the rest wiring and couldn't find any faults, so I still couldn't figure out why the front flashed fast and the rear didn't flash at all. I knew I would need a new flasher to correct the flash rate but figured (wrongly) that the flasher wasn't the entire problem if the rear indicators wouldn't work at all.

    I ended up buying some incandescent indicators (which look just as good as the led's) and putting them in the rear, and they worked great. The flash rate is still up a little due to led's in the front, but it's not too fast so I'll either just put up with it or buy another pair of the slimline incandescents. I still can't figure out why the new flasher wouldn't work but from what I've read some people had to try 3 or 4 models before they found one that worked.
  6. Checked the polarity of the rears? They may have been wired wrong
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  7. I remember in older cars, when one bulb was blown, its mate would flash fast. Electrically-wise people could explain why.
  8. As others have said, LED lights only work when wired in the correct polarity. If they're not working, try switching the + and - wires of each LED.

    It also sounds like if the bike did have LED indicators before, it probably didn't have flasher can replaced. Old flasher units rely on the amount of current flowing to control the timing circuit. Incandescent bulbs draw a lot of current (relative to LED's), and because of the way the flasher unit works, this makes LED's flash a lot faster.

    Are you still having issues with the fronts not flashing at all?
  9. No it's all fixed now with the incandescents in the rear. Cheers!