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Problems with bikes and everyday things

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by emilmh, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. Hey,
    I was wondering if you could help me with part of a uni assignment. Im studying Industrial Design which in a degrading term is "product design". (this ranges from designing motorbikes, cars, electronic gagets to almost all household applicances/products ect, but covers much more than just aesthetic design)
    Anyway what i need to do is identify a problem area, that can be solved or helped by the use of a new product. At this moment im only really looking for problems as i will be looking at solutions later down the track.

    Some ideas are things that take a long time (design a product to shorten the time), or are labour intensive (design a product to lessen the labour) or are a hassle/complicated (design a product to simplify the task).

    I was hoping to do something related to motorbikes or cars as they are two of my biggest interests, but am having trouble finding a feasible issue that can be solved with something new....

    any ideas are appreicated
  2. Riding in the rain?? What about coming up with an idea for a helmet mounted visor wiper??

    Bike Security?? Zone alarm for motorbikes?
  3. ahh visor wiper is a good idea (i havent experienced riding in the rain yet :oops: so not to sure wht its like!?! ) it would be a fun challenge though to try and come up with one that works

    regarding the 'zone alarm' , i have considered bike security, but there already seems to be a whole heap of bike locks. Im not sure what you mean by zone alarm? do you mean like a motion sensor that detects if a person is in your bike "zone" then triggers an alarm?

    thanks for your help/ideas
  4. What about something that detects when the bikes wheels leave the ground and thus sets off an alarm? You can have as many disc locks as you can fit but that wont stop two big blokes lifting your bike into a van or trailer.
  5. How about an alarm that when turned on makes all the exposed metal bits of the bike live with 240v, so anyone aven touching the damn thing will get a nasty surprise...
  6. What about something that Dan has mentioned many times: handlebars and footpegs that automatically adjust (within a certain range, of course) to suit different riders and different riding conditions??
  7. Bike alarms already exist with features such as motion detection for people sitting or moving your bike, and some also with proximity detector that will chirp when people come too close to your parked bike.
  8. hell yeah :grin:

    a bike with easily removable farings and bars that can be raised and lowered on the side of the road....
  9. What about suspension that automatically adjusts to suit different loads (ie luggage, pillion etc) - probably best suited to sports-tourers. Or perhaps suspension that automatically drops the ride height when you pull up to a stop so short people can ride tall bikes.
  10. How about a compact, good-looking piece of luggage/demountable container to carry a rider's wallet, phone, sunglasses case, spare change, house keys, disk lock (etc), for those unfortunate folk who don't own an Across?

    Seriously though - I'm thinking of something small, easy to grab and attach to the bike, and mountable on a range of machines and perhaps in different places on the bike. Make it versatile and stylish and you'd sell quite a few.
  11. Helmet with either a retractable tinted visor or the capability to store a second visor up under the back so you dont have to carry it around with you.

    Helmet with magnets in the bottom like a tank bag, so you can sit it on the tank and it wont fall off.

    Emergency beacon that goes off if the bike falls over while running and not disabled in 20 seconds (for if you crash when riding alone in a remote place)

    E-Tag that is usable and reliable on bikes (NSW)
  12. Perfect project for you:

    Design a 600cc (minimum) motorcycle, suitable for persons under 153cm tall.

    And let me know when you do, I'll be your first customer :)
  13. My plan for this (which is copyright me :LOL: ) is to have a delayed alarm that sets off a smoke flare in the bike after a delay or when it detects the bike is in a moving vehicle. :twisted:

    How far do you think they will get in a van with red smoke pouring out of it?

    They will have to bail from their own van and run :LOL:

    The other is to have a transmitter sending out on some restricted military transponder frequency. There will be a blackhawk over their garage within a few minutes :p
  14. I'd buy one of those. (the container thingy, not the Across) :LOL:
  15. I vote for the dual visored helmet.

    I've got an aircraft helmet with the two visors (one clear, one dark tint) and it's great. That would be a great idea for bikes too. You could have a flash tinted one for day and a clear one for dusk/night. Getting them both to fit on a helmet in a decent looking way and also not creating a great big whistle machine would be challenging. Go for it I say!
  16. Mustard gas would be better :twisted: . And the magnetic helmet idea is brilliant - I'd buy one if it didn't make the helmet too heavy (very small rare-earth magnets could work).
  17. But would there be a problem with fumes from tanks attacking the foam in your helmet? I seem to recall reading that it can seriously reduce the life of a helmet. Then again maybe I dreamed it. It could also be the reasoning I use to get my wife to not leave helmets on the tank, (I'm worried about them falling)

  18. "Tests of a prototype helmet equipped with rare earth magnets were aborted today. According to a spokesman, the test rider crouched down behind the fairing during a high-speed run, but was unable to straighten up again due to the powerful attraction between his helmet and the bike's fuel tank..." :LOL:
  19. :LOL: Might also be a worry leaning the bike over a little too close to an armco guard rail or roadsign - or passing car :shock: :LOL:
  20. And flying metal debris...