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Problems with bicycle riders??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kaboobie, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. Just a query ... has anyone ever had any problems with bicyclists when they've been riding suburban streets???

    Here is the reason I ask. We went down to Williamstown this morning for coffee with some friends - for the locals who know the area went along the Esplanade and then the back way through Fort Gellibrand - all at a lovely sedate 20 - 40kmph as per the speed limit, enjoying the view. We found ourselves verbally abused by one designer-stubbled, fully lycra-clad speedster who literally sat on our tails the whole way along the Esplanade and then obviously wasn't paying attention to our BRAKE lights as we went over a speed hump and almost rear-ended my bike. Then we had to dodge large numbers of Sunday morning cyclists riding (did I say riding, I mean randomly weaving/wavering/stopping) three and four abreast on a 20kmph road (ie not bike track), with cars coming in the other direction. One lady thought it was hilarious that she sped up after lagging behind her friends and overtook my bike on her bicycle ... as she swerved kamikaze-style straight in front of me and back to her fluorescent green flock, where she slowed right down again (by the laws of nature, aren't the ones who fall off the back of the flock/pack/school sickly or injured and thus should be killed by the flock/pack/school itself in the interests of maintaining a healthy gene pool??)

    On the return trip home we were coasting a few metres along the footpath where we'd parked to the road and another fluoro green aging straggler on her Huffy mountain bike told us to get off the footpath ... while she herself was riding on the footpath!

    Is this a common thing with bicyclists that I've just never noticed until now because I've always pretty much just sailed past them in my car with the windows up and the music playing, paying little attention to their random and crazed activities?

  2. No they're pretty much all stuck up jerks/idiots, who whinge and biatch about how hard it is for them on the road, but make zero effort to improve their own safety by riding smart i.e in bike lanes rather than just outside them :evil:, not on roads where there is hardly enough room for cars :evil:, slowly across busy intersections :evil: and so and so forth.
  3. Agreed. And that's just from driving a cage :soapbox:
  4. It's the same as the pack mentality displayed at Cronulla. Get any group in numbers and their mindset changes. The hardcore minority then get emboldened and take over. There are a couple of pushies on here as well so they can see it from both sides. Around inner city Sydney they are very dangerous. And given they will never get fined for not adhering to the road laws(yes, it applies to them as well) it is only going to get worse before it gets better.

    I went up the Old Road on Friday morning and you couldn't move for them. There were a couple of hundred. You couldn't even do the speed limit for fear of coming around the corner and being confronted with them 4-wide across both lanes.

    Pedestrians are just as bad. There is a minority of people who always run across on red without having a good look, assuming they will make it and if they get caught out, they just assume the cars will stop. This is what pisses me about the new signs we have up here saying "1 in 3 deaths on the road are pedestrians" with the slogan "Watch out. People about." Maybe if Harold f%^&ing Scruby of the pedestrian council had a campaign to stop people taking risks by running across roads, that 1 in 3 figure may drop and motorists wouldn't have to continue to take the blame.
  5. +1
    The little f*#kers are taking their lives into their own hands when they cross the street in front of me when I have a green light (Melb CBD) in my work car. I don't drive on their footpath so when I've got right of way, they better stay the F*#k off my road!!! :twisted:
  6. I always reckon, if it's got gears you should pay rego, (so that way kids can still have BMXs and there'll be less fat kids if they have to pedal harder so we're killing 2 birds with 1 stone here)......

    and if they wear tight lycra the fee should definately increase. and couldn't said wrong-looking people get some kind of fine???

    before the hoon laws i think the fine for burnouts was - creating a hazard or distraction upon a roadway or something along those lines??? this should apply to old people who's "packages" can be clearly seen through lycra shorts at 50 paces.
  7. Well, yes ... me, when I read those stats I immediately thought that NSW was taking the ground-breaking step of actually 'educating' pedestrians and warning them of the dangers of running out in front of traffic when the little red man is flashing, crossing from between parked cars, etc etc, but no ... :mad:

    Re seeing it from both sides - I have no doubt there are mad cagers (and bikers!) who'd stop only marginally short of deliberately opening car doors (or 'stretching' legs!) in front of/alongside bicyclists ... but when a cyclist is close enough behind me when I'm riding on my bike at speed limit on a road that I can hear his phone conversation on his mobile phone via his swanko bluetooth and think to myself that the little voices are back in my head ... then that's not good :shock:

    ... Not that the little voices in my head aren't good ... they're friendly ... really :grin:
  8. :rofl:
  9. Are you talking about a small minority of highly visible/remembered motorcyclists or bicyclists here? Sorry, I can't distinguish any difference :grin:
  10. The difference is that motorcyclists are far more likely to actually use the bike lane. :wink:
  11. I ride both two wheeled varieties alot. You see a fairly even number of idiots in both groups.
  12. I think they are agro. Many times ive been yelled at or told off by a push biker. You wonder if there’s something wrong with their brakes sometimes. Get the stuff out of the way attitude. Maybe it has something to do with the testosterone as they pump those big manly shaved legs along.
  13. Problem was, this morning, it wasn't the small minority at all - 'twas the vast majority of the pushbikers that we encountered - and there were load of them out and about! Far more pushbikers about this morning than motorcyclists, which just doesn't seem right, really.
  14. Yep.......

    and by the look of it a few of them post here! :p
  16. The route you chose is common with bicycles for events, practice runs & generally those who wish to enjoy the beach & scenery while riding, particularly in the warmer weather & at weekends. Ive also been caught out & stuck a number of times crawling behind 4-6 wide on the same streets, and yes they wont budge :evil: they wear blinkers.

    Although I dont agree with the abuse etc you recieved, can only suggest you keep it as a mental note that its a possibility when planning your route. It does however make good slow riding practicing the feathering of both the clutch & throttle :wink:
  17. On any given weekday, I could be riding my motorbike, riding my pushbike or catching the train to work (I don't drive the car to work, parking would be a pain in the ass).

    While riding a pushbike, even *I'm* amazed at what other people will do riding pushies. running red lights is common as well as not stopping for trams. But the worst thing I see is while riding in the bike lane, is people not giving way to cars turning left. Yes, thats right.. The pushbike must give way to cars turning left. They frequently don't and they give abuse to any vehicle turning across their path.

    It seems some people mentally prepare themselves to think they will be pushed around on a bike, so they feel they must "give as good as they get".

    Remember too guys, most pushbikes don't have mirrors so we don't know who is behind us! Also, I'd like to point out I don't wear lycra.. I wear MTB shorts ;)
  18. As to riding 4 per lane and getting stuck behind them. Get up there arse and don't let go of the horn until they move. Failing that, shift into first and revv as hard as you can - works every time.
  19. The cyclists who get reported as pests seem to be more common in Melbourne. The only time I saw cyclists in the news in Brisbane was whenever they got hit. Its a different story here (one killed an elderly pedestrian last year on Beach Rd).

    I'm still on two wheels albeit the pedal-powered variety. I won't ride on the road unless the bike lane is wide. I may be breaking the law by riding on the footpath but I keep the gearing relatively low and the revs up on my mountain bike so don't travel too quickly (typically 20-30km/h).

    There's a lot of cyclists who have trouble coming their way. Even if they are right they will always come off second best. Just try not to hit them. Its not worth the grief.
  20. Which, when you're on a footpath is too quick....

    I walk my dog around Lilydale Lake every morning and the only problems I get is bloody cyclists who think that the track is a bona fide practice track..and I ride a pushy too, just take it easy on shared paths.