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Problems with America windscreen.

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Doggy, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Hey all, I'm riding a 2004 Trumpy America and I cannot for the life of me get the windscreen setup right. It's one of those universal ones and even stood right up it buffets the crap out of my helmet. My old man takes it for a spin and loves the screen (but he's a fair bit shorter).

    I saw a speedmaster a couple of w/e ago in Brissy with a very small black tinted screen which only came over the speedo by a couple of inches. I'd like to try one. Anyone know if it's a trumpy one or another universal. I didn't get close enough to see the mounts.


  2. All cruiser windscreens buffet me heaps. I hate them. I take them off completely and enjoy smooth quiet airflow.
  3. Yeah I have been riding it sans windscreen but it gets to be a bit of a pain after 400km lol My regular ride to Brissy is over 800km round trip. Around town and "cruising" I prefer to have no windscreen.
  4. Just got a new screen and the buffeting from the old smaller one is much reduced...

    The buffeting can sometimes be caused by the wind coming up under the screen, flowing over your body without much discomfort and then hitting your helmet full on.

    When I added Lowers to the forks (which then met the bottom of the screen and gave an almost complete fairing effect) this stopped the airflow from hitting the helmet from below and stopped the buffeting..

    Try looking for lowers that match your bike.. It might just work..
  5. Yeah I'll check into that, I really was hoping to get away with just one of those really small flyscreen things. I'll do some surfing today and see what turns up.
  6. Try something like National Cycles - they should have a screen to fit.

    I have a screen for my XV1600, but it deflects the wind into my helmet (I'm too tall for the screen) but I reckon a smaller flyscreen style would do the job.

    That said, its rare that I'd rather have the screen on.
  7. Same here voyager, it's only for the long (read 400km) trips. I have the same prob, too tall for it and I really don't want a sliding door attached to the front of the bike so I'll go smaller.