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Problems storing a bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Monoxide, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    I hope to get into riding soon.. I have everything planned out.
    including bike (83 Yammie XS250) gear, etc.

    My main problem is space to store it.

    The thing is there is no enclosed garage as such to store the bike.. I can't store it at the end of the carport near the wall because then the car doesn't fit. my only option is a space between the car and the edge of the carport which is about 1.5m wide.. just enough cover to provide top down protection but from the side it wouldn't be enough as the fence is still a couple of m away.. so I guess I would have to use a heavy duty cover but is this an appropriate way to store a bike?

    When the car is in the garage it blocks the way out for the bike as its a tight fit, and the bike would block getting out the bins. I mentioned it to Dad that I want to get a bike but he is like "nah no room" and that was the end of that story but I am a bit more stubborn than that haha

    Any suggestions? I am getting an older/cheaper bike so I guess that may play into it. I don't even have a verandah to store it near the back door, that way I could cover it and it would be fine.

    Maybe I should give up untill we move or I move out (still a while away) :p
  2. Convince your Dad to get a smaller car.
    Problem solved :grin:.
  3. why not just get a bike cover
  4. A cover is probably the go, and then if you have a bit of uncovered concrete somewhere it can sit there. I suspect a situation where your dad has to back the car out every time you want to move your bike is not gonna be very sustainable...
  5. Can you store it up the side of the house?
  6. Thanks for the replies

    I was thinking bike cover anyway.. but I wasnt sure that was going to be enough for day to day storage is all. I read in a thread how precipitation can build up and stuff like that but I am sure there are ways to manage it.. in that case If I only need some concrete I have enough room for it :cool:

    About the backing out.. if anyone is going to have to do it.. it will be me :p
  7. Could work if we had a gate, but we dont. But the side with the carport has the most run-off concrete anyway hence more room.
  8. I think the issue with covers is if it's left there for a long time at a stretch. If you plan to use it almost daily it's not such a big deal (ICBW)
  9. Yeah I recon I would actually use it to commute.. or at least once every few days so that should be OK.

    Plus it is an older bike, I would be more worried if it was a brand spanking new 250 or something that cost $5k+ rather than around 1k, as long as it stays mechanically sound.
  10. If you have space to put it, maybe you can get storage shed in kit form from bunnings? Or a gazebo tent thingy. But I don't think those will survive really windy storms.

    Was thinking of doing that, but I decided I'd rather have peace of mind than worrying about my shed blowing down with my bike, or hail damage with just a bike cover. Still looking for a place with a lock up garage... LUG is safer from thieves too.
  11. Sell your Father.
  12. I have NO offstreet parking, so I will be parking it on the footpath everynight out the front of my bedroom window......
  13. we park ours under the car port, like this:
  14. Kick the car out. If you REALLY want to keep it in the garage you can usually come to a compromise.. when I had my bikes in the garage (ie. 1 car sitting outside), I had to clean it every weekend. Totally worth it :grin:
  15. Yeah I thought of making a makeshift tarp cover between the fence and the roof but that would be way too dodge :grin:

    haha not if he sells me first :wink:

    Dayum :shock: .. hope you have an alarm and that jazz

    edgelett, if we had a carport like that it would be perfect.. the thing is the Carmy just fits in the spot.. very snug so no room for anything else

    Wish I could, its probably easier to keep it in there because if I took the bike out I would have to move the car anyway.. the driveway/streetfront is a bit too crowded already with 3 cars.. the 1 in the garage is better off staying in the garage and being moved when needed.

    At the moment my biggest problem is getting the OK to even bring a bike home :p
  16. Indeed I do, only a disc lock alarm, but still, enough to wake me up and have whoever tried to tip my bike over find themself being chased by a large, naked, hairy man. My bedroom window is about 2m from the footpath, so it's easy to hear as I sleep with the window open (at least in summer...)

    I live next to the Collingwood train stationrk it so perhaps in winter I should park it under the ramp at the station to keep it out of the weather :LOL:
  17. Get the bloke in tomohawk,s avatar to live beside it . He looks like he could eat a thief.