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Problems starting this morning

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by chrome, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    I couldn't ride for 4 days this last week due to a badly sprained foot, so the bike just sat in the garage for 4 days feeling unloved.

    I think it must have been sulking because when I came down this morning it started but then immediately died, and then wouldn't start for a good couple of minutes. I turned everything off, turned it all back on, tried to start, rinse, repeat.

    Eventually I got it to splutter then roar into life, gave it some 3k revs to warm it and its been perfect for the commute in. Any ideas about what I did wrong?
  2. Sounds like a flooding problem. Some bike like to have the fuel switch to off as they leak a little bit and then the bowls overfill and flood the engine. Did you see or smell unburnt fuel/black smoke when you finally got it going?
  3. Or it could be the opposite problem, no fuel. I know on my GS500 if it's sat for a period of time (eg 4 days) without starting, I put it to 'prime' on the petcock to get the fuel flowing to the carbs and then she'll start right up. However if I don't it will do similar to you suggest, be hard to start - kick over and die immediately.

    Of course using the choke probably would achieve a similar result.
  4. It's injected; no fuel switch or choke. :)
  5. water in fuel.
  6. Well, it seems happy now. I guess I'll find out the next time I have to make it sit for a few days. Not likely any day soon :)
  7. More likely fuel, but I'd keep an eye on the battery if it's old, If you use the bike every day you only find out it's on it's way out if you let it sit for a week, had a bike with similar systems - still had enough juice to be okay overnight, as only one cell had half worn out