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Problems starting bike

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ozego, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. I was just out doing some low speed car park practice when I stopped the bike to take a break. I went to start it up again and it was slowish to crank over and I couldn't get it started. It was like it almost had enough juice, but just not quite enough to kick over.

    I'm wondering if because I was doing low speed stuff for so long the battery was getting enough charge? Still, I think there must be an electrical problem.

    Any tips on starting with a low battery? I tried rolling a bit in gear but didn't feel like it was going to happen and didn't have the guts to really push it. I ended up having to get a jump start from a car.

  2. how long were you doing the slow speed stuff?

    if it was for an extended period your reasonuing on lack of charge may be correct. Still probably with having a look at it though.
  3. If the charge warning light was off, it was charging. Assuming the battery is ok, most bikes will charge even when idling (warm). Is the charge warning light on or off?
  4. Maybe up to an hour? It started ok once I got it home.
  5. There was no charge light on.
  6. does the charge light work? (has it been confirmed the light works)
  7. unless your battery is shot, running at low speed wouldnt cause this. the alternator in the gpx produces enough power at idle to run the bike w/lights

    check your battery electrolyte levels and top up with distilled water if need be.

    how old is your bike ? is it posible your flywheel has dropeed a few magnets due to age ? this is quite a common problem for parellel twin kwaka's

    As for push starting it should be easy if the bike is still warm. Just get it rolling a a decent speed shift into second then dump your clutch
  8. Your battery got water in it???

    Push starting a GPX is realatively easy...

    Just get it in neutral jump on and push away till you can't go much faster, kick it into first with no clutch and youre away... 2nd works easier but stupid positive neutral finder makes that hard sometimes, so I would just use 1st unless its raining...
  9. Ah, no I haven't checked that.
  10. Then the charging circuit is working. It could be a faulty battery, or a bad connection in the starter circuit, or a solenoid. Take the battery to a battery shop and they will check it out for very little. Or if you are a bit handy buy a Hydrometer and check it yourself, they are dirt cheap, (unless it is a sealed battery).
  11. I'll check the battery. It's a 2001 model, seems in fairly good condition though.
  12. Yeah, the neutral thing was a pain. I figured I can change gears while it's cranking though. I just didn't have the guts to roll fast enough.
  13. I'm beginning to suspect it's the battery, otherwise the bike would stall when idling wouldn't it?
  14. Try shaking (roll forwards, roll backwards) the bike then push the starter button while on neutral. It happened to me last Monday, I tried pushing the starter button with the clutch lever pulled in - didn't work, then I tried the above & it worked. Might work for you too.
  15. Not necessarily - starting puts a greater strain on the battery than just idling. I had a bike with a poor (old) battery that once started it ran fine (and restart fine when still warm), but after a night it wouldn't start again. I ended up charging the battery nightly, but then just bought a new one and all problems dissapeared.
  16. Jeez, I knew the charge light wasn't working. It doesn't have one. :LOL: I haven't taken the battery out, but it looks sealed unless you're supposed to lever a strip off the top.

    Anyway it all seems to be working perfectly now.


    Thanks for the tips anyway.
  17. if it is working now and wasnt then, this suggests a poor connection between the battery and starter.
    intermittent fault caused by broken, loose, or damaged connection.
    i would look at where the wires connect to the starter and back track from there tightening everything up.

    preventative maintenance.

    dont assume it has fixed itself