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Problems kickstarting my NSR150!!! HELP!!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by domtzj, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Hey guys

    Tried starting the bike up this morning, no luck at all. Took it out for a spin just last night and it was a-ok. That was the first ride i had on the bike and it had been warm when i bought it. This morning was my first attempt at a cold start. in all likelyhood its something that im doing wrong, maybe in the way im actually kicking the starter pedal.

    Let me give you a run down on the situation.

    Key in ignition to on. headlights come on momentarily along with neutral light.
    Choke out and first couple of kicks no luck. full tap is definatly set to on.
    after a few kicks my lights start to dim and eventually go off. along with my neutral light even when the ignition is still on. eventually all lights go off. However, as im trying to kick start the engine, on each downstroke my neutral light flicks on and off. Thought i might have flooded it so i did all the flooded engine procedures. fuel tap to off, choke full in. throttle open all the way. still nothing.

    My first suspicion was the battery but the previous owner left me with all the service history and the battery was just replaced a month or so ago.

    Anyone had this happen to them before? Open to any suggestions. Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi domtzj,

    Maybe the battery is flat indicating a charging problem. The lights dimming and going out is a bad sign. If you have access to a battery charger then charge the battery for about 4 - 6 hours and have a go at starting then.

    If it starts and ff you have access to a multimeter then measure the battery voltage with the motor revving at cruising speed and see what voltage you get across the battery. Should be 14 volts plus.

    Maybe the previous owner had starting problems and replaced the battery when the problem was a charging issue all along. A possible misdiagnosis ???
  3. That may very well be whats happened actually. thanks for the help!

    would anyone know where i could pick up a battery charger? i've heard you can also get a charger that stays on the bike itself and constantly charges the battery or something along those lines. any ideas?

  4. +1

    Those NSR's rely on decent battery power to self-correct the power-valve when you first turn the key on.
    It will be almost impossible to cold start with a flat battery.
  5. Hey, i had the same problem with mine when i got it. i was not able to turn the lights off. i got a new handlebar control where i can my light off and i have never had problems with it again... :)
  6. I've had a problem with my battery just a few days ago. Everything was weak .. Lights were starting to dim and so on. Wouldnt start properly. Had to resort to roll starting it and popping the clutch to get it going.

    I took it to a mechanic. Cost 56 bucks to get the battery charged. Only been riding it for one day since that but so far so good. Runs strong.
  7. Still no luck, rang the workshop where the bike was last serviced, they rekon its a battery problem too. Then i went to peter stevens in the city after work, the guy at the spare parts desk rekons it could be a problem with the regulator, rectifier, or fouled spark plugs. Tried push starting it but had no luck. i think i need to find a bigger hill. and my main concern with this is having to push the thing back up the hill if it doesnt work.

    This is turning into a much bigger problem than i had anticipated. So for my first course of action i thought maybe i should go get a battery charger and give that a whirl and see if i have any luck. Does anyone have any suggestions. I think i've completely drained my battery now. i get no lights at all when i turn the ignition key on. Does anyone know where i can buy one in the city area, or does anyone have one they might be willing to lend me?

    Cheers for all the help guys.

    p/s, ilovemynsr150sp, how's it goin mate? probably not very high on the to-do list but where did you find the replacement handlebar control unit?
  8. Hey mate, any battery outlet or shop should have one. This is the replacement battery for HONDA NSR150 YB3L-A It will be 12v and you should be getting almost 14v across the terminals when the engine is running.
    I got my handlebar control form a local wrecker, cost me $30 and saved me alot of headaches :)

    Oh btw nice choice of bike there mate :p

    Regards, Stefan
  9. Good news guys!

    Went to supercheap auto picked myself up a battery charger. Plugged it in over night and got it started first try this morning. First time riding the bike into work and the very first time i've had to fill her up too. I did find out however that my rear left turn signal lights out. Easy fix? Any tips?

    Btw, stefan i got the multimeter out and tested the voltage running through my battery when it was warming up. 14v. Good signs.

    Cheers for all the help guys!
  10. When you fill up for petrol, don't forget to top up the oil too! You'll get an idea of how much oil you consume per tank, so when things start going wrong, atleast you'll have an early warning sign.

    Changing the indicator globe (if that is the problem) isn't a biggy, just use a phillips head screw drive to remove the coloured lens off, unless it has been replaced with aftermarket ones.