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Problems HD200

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by NikkiE, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. Hi
    I was wondering if anybody had had a problem with the electrics in their Bolwell HD200.

    I have a problem where the battery seems to drain every few weeks or so, despite having a brand new battery installed. I have difficulty starting it, and sometimes it causes the clock to reset. The "clicking" noise on the indicator doesnt work propertly any more.

    I have had a mechanic look at it but he cant identify anything wrong with it. As you can imagine, it is an annoying problem when it randomly decides to not start (usually when i'm running late for work!). If I charge the battery, it runs sweet-as for a while before getting increasingly temperamental.

    Is there a known fault with this particular scooter or am I just the lucky one???!!!
  2. battery/alternator problem by teh sounds of it, but pretty strange if a good mechanic couldnt pick that up.

    i'd just take it back to Bolwell and get em to sort it out.
  3. gripe

    The scoot played up again and I had no choice but to take it back to the same place as the other local (inner west of sydney) mechanics were booked out and I needed it fixed fast. I thought they would be the best option as they knew the history of the scooter.

    Again, they couldnt find out what was troubling it, so they replaced the battery and regulator (it's 2nd new battery in the last 5 months). Apparently it was overcharging and it 'cooked' the battery. On the way home from the mechanic's i stopped off to do some shopping, hopped back on and you guessed it, the same thing happened.

    Took it back the next day and the mechanic was all grumpy about it. They've decided to replace the wiring "loom" or something and were supposed to have ordered it in last week (I desperately need the scoot this weekend). The guy called me on monday and was only just ordering it in then. Needless to say, it hasnt arrived yet and even if it does there's no guarantee that it will have fixed the problem.

    I get the impression from these guys that they really couldnt give a stuff about fixing it and it's all a bit of a joke to them.

    This problem, strangely enough, seemed to coincide with the warranty running out late last year.

    I dont know who to be p***ed off at - Bolwell for their crap scoot, or these guys for not doing their job.
  4. SYM has an excellent reputation so I wouldn't get pissed off at the manufacturer.
    Parts fail, that's life. It's up to the mechanic to get it sorted.
    If they can't get it sorted, maybe see if an auto electrician might want to look at it?
  5. The mechanics your using....are they a Bolwell dealer? If not, go to your Bolwell dealer and tell them whats happening. They should be able to figure it out.
  6. Hi
    Thank you for the answers to my problem.
    The mechanic is not a Bolwell dealer. When the scooter started playing up, I rang the closest one, but they were booked out. I wanted the scoot repaired quickly (ha) so I took it to a mechanic who is handy to work, and who had been servicing it for me.
    I just got a phone call from him. He says Bolwell are being difficult and dont seem to want to deal with him dirctly to get the part it needs. He wants the mechnic to go through a dealer(?). He said they wont even give him a part number.
    Of course there is no guarantee that this particular part will fix it.
    I suppose the next thing will be is they will want me to take it to the dealer I bought it from (who is on the other side of Sydney). But of course I cannot do that as the scooter isnt running.
    So the saga contiues.
  7. Hi Nikki, I've had my HD200 since June 2007. I've done around 10,000km's on it and haven't experienced any engine starting trouble.

    Hopefully you can get it sorted out, how is it going?
  8. That sounds exactly like what's happened to mine! Mine is only 4 months and 2000Kms old and reading your description it sounds the same. It's the first time it's happened and I have not been able to get it down to the repair shop yet.
    How was it eventually fixed (if at all)?

    Also - can you jump start it off your car battery?