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Problems getting my bike registered

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Chris Regan, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. So i took my bike to get blue slip, the mechanic told me he couldn't proceed with the blue slip as it needed and engineer certificate as he couldn't I.D the bike?Keep in mind the bike is a grey import. Okay so I take it to an import whatever you want to call it to get an Engineer certificate. Take it all the way there and they tell me it needs and import certificate. I contacted the girl i bought the bike off and she wasn't give an import certificate from the dealership she bought it from. Any suggestions as to what to do?

  2. As far as I know if its been registered before anywhere in OZ for 2 years all you need is that info.Thats all I got.
  3. Take it to a different company to get a blue slip, see if they just let it go through. What is the bike?
  4. Chris ReganChris Regan don't know if they do this for bikes, but on cars there is a compliance plate fitted (or should have) when it's a grey import. Perhaps check the bike thoroughly for a plate that indicates if it has previously been passed by way of an engineering certificate. Hope this helps and really hope you get it sorted.
  5. How could I get that info though ZimZim
    VT250, I kind of want to get it done at this place as hes letting my front forks slide, they are way too squishy. cjvfrcjvfr
    I'll have to have a look GoldenberriGoldenberri
    thanks for the quick responses guys, have had it sitting in my garage for months now. working 6 days a week can't get anything done.
  6. Do you have old plates or rego papers for it.You could do a search with the engine and frame number at what ever they call the RTA these days.Without a plate number don't know how you would go with that owing finance on it crowd either.Hope you have a bill of sale.Whats the issue with the forks.
  7. I have a receipt for it. It was registered in QLD and I'm changing it into NSW, She handed the old plates in when she unregistered it. And no rego papers :/
  8. will she tell you what dealer she bought it from?
    may need to get proof from QLD that the VIN has been registered at least once

    have you done a NSW and/or QLD REVS check on the VIN?
    Vehicle Check NSW | REVS
  9. Are you sure it doesn't have an import plate? I'm 99% sure it should if it's been registered already.
  10. It must have an import plate of it was previously registered here.

    Why no papers?? Hmm..
    Are you sure it was registered here before and the seller isn't filling you full of shit?

    Check the PPSR using VIN and ENG numbers.
    If it returns a result, then it has been registered here previously.

    If you establish that it has been registered here before or find the import approval plate then that is all that is needed for the AUVIS to identify and apply to RMS for the Blueslip.
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  11. What does an import plate look like, what am i looking for and where.
  12. It's about the size of a post it note. Literally a metal plate that is attached to the frame of the bike with import details and VIN Engine numbers. My bike has it attached on the top front right hand side of the frame.

    Unless you got it for free, if you can't register the bike, I'd be hitting up the seller for a refund due to not disclosing this at the time of sale.
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  13. Good luck with getting a refund. Goods purchased privately are purchased as is. If the buyer failed to check the vehicle properly I'm sorry to say that is their issue. Not every seller is genuine.
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  14. Yep, I smells a rat .....
  15. The plate could be hard to spot on a bike. On a car it's generally under the bonnet. It should have details of the actual engineering company on it also, so there's no confusing it with the normal id plates.
  16. Compliance plates are generally on the right hand frame rail up near the headstock...
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  17. If it was imported and registered in QLD then it will have a QLD transport plate riveted to the frame somewhere near where the triple tree meets the frame.
    If you can't find this, then contact queensland roads with the chassis number (factory number stamped on the frame) and they will be able to verify if it was indeed registered in that state.
    If it has been registered anywhere in Australia, someone, somewhere has import approval paperwork.
  18. Actually a contract is still formed and if the seller misrepresented then it could be found an invalid contract.

    But yes, it would be hard to get a full refund, but I have heard of partial refunds in similar circumstances.

    Oh, and the grey import plates I've seen are Pink and near the head stem.