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Problems After Rain

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Tbass, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    I have a Bandit 250 and the other day while riding in heavy rain it started to die. Felt like it was running on 2 or 3 cylinders but then it would come good (normally in higher revs with lower load). I got it home and let it dry out for the day then started it and it seemed ok (didn't actually ride it anywhere though). Now, a couple of days later, I start it and it only seems to be running on 2 cylinders again.

    Obviously moisture has gotten in somewhere and I am going to start by replacing the ignition leads, but is there anything else that might be causing the problem that it would be worth replacing while I'm at it?

  2. Most likely water in the fuel, sucked in through the breather. Seen it before.
    Empty carb float bowls and check. You may need to put the fuel tap on reserve and drain some too.
  3. Another consideration will be water inside the spark plug well.
    The Bandit being a naked bike means that the top of the engine is exposed to the elements.
    The spark-plug caps seal into the rocker-cover quite well from new but over time the tight fit will diminish which allows dust and moisture to enter.
    Try changing the spark plugs and give the plug leads and plug wells a good blow out with air to dry. Some WD40 or Inox won't hurt either.
  4. you can also test if its only running less than 4 cyls, you can measure the exhaust header temp, where it starts to head down you could use a laser temp reader and see which is lower (by a LOT), or the un-safe way of licking your finger and touching the headers (i spose you could drop some water to see which sizzles off but you might stress the metal too much).

    But i'd also suspect spark related :)
  5. some (most?) bikes have drains for the spark plug wells. I'm pretty confident the small air/oiled suzuki does. The 750/1100 certainly did. Yours may be blocked.

    On the big block the outlets were located on the front of the head near the exhaust headers.

    also check the plug caps and cap boots are in good condition.