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Solved Problems after picking up from mechanic, need advice!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by hondawinning, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. So I'm selling my first bike and the mechanic has had it all week. It needed new tyres for the RWC and turned out the steering head bearing needed replacing too. Also got a new battery (not a RWC thing but the old one was on it's last legs).

    Here's the issue: bike was fine to ride at first, then the first set of lights I stopped at, the idle was really weak and the bike slowly died. This bike loves the choke so I got going again and made sure she was well and truly warmed up then stopped in a back street and it died again. I also noticed that the idle changes when I turn the handlebars to the left..

    The advice I need is: how do I deal with the mechanic? If I had done some work on the bike and this happened it would mean a fun Saturday trying to figure out what was wrong (o_O)! However I'm dropping the bike to the new owner on Sunday and don't have the time to (and don't feel like I should have to) figure out the problem.
  2. Mate I'd just be honest about what's happening with it - give the new owner the mechanics name and a copy of the invoice including the breakdown of parts and labour, and the new owner can chase it up themselves...
  3. The only reason I'm hesitant to do that is that I'm selling the bike to a brand new rider. I know I wouldn't have wanted to deal with a bike that was playing up when I started. I had enough on my plate dealing with riding on the road for the first time!

    I'm thinking I will call the mechanic tomorrow and see what they say? I just don't know how to approach it. I mean, the bike is definitely not functioning as it should, and completely differently to when I dropped it off..
  4. Well that's great that you feel that sense of responsibility - There's honestly not many people like you around. Definitely chase up the mechanic, if it's idling low it might be a very easy fix anyway
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  5. Sounds like the throttle cable is adjusted a bit too tight causing it to increase revs when you turn handle bars left. He might have adjusted the freeplay and then the idle speed not realizing the cable was binding and the idle speed was only high because of this issue... Loosen the adjuster at the throttle grip slightly check if increase rev problem is solved then increase your idle speed at the carbies or efi. OR ask the mechanic to do it.
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  6. Take it back and ask if they have 15 minutes to look over it, I'd agree with 'East Coast Cruiser' that it looks like the cable has been routed incorrectly or the adjustment is off.
    My bike ran like crap after I had a mechanic look over it, turned out they installed an aftermarket airfilter which works 99.99% of the time however my bike decided to play bad.
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  7. Tell the new owner that since it was at the mechanics, it has had issues and you need to take it back so that they can rectify whatever it is that they have done to screw it up.

    Then take it back to the mechanics and give them the opportunity to fix their stuff up.
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  8. Agree with the above posts. Not a big drama. Just 15 mins twiddling a 10 mm spanner and testing the bars at full lock. Should be sweet.
  9. It'll be something really minor - as the others say, it's best to be 100% honest and give it back to the mechanic to fix.
  10. Thanks for the all the replies!

    Turns out it was the choke cable that was being pushed and pulled when the bars were turned. Must have been reinstalled slightly different after the bearings were done. Untangled the cable and set the idle accordingly and it appears to be good! I will mention it to the buyer tomorrow but at least it's not cutting out at idle.

    To be honest, after a long week at work I was a little more frustrated than I usually would have been. Hence my initial thought of "fcuking mechanic has fcuked up my bike"

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  11. Dropped off the bike without any problems and it was behaving very well! Explained everything to the buyer and gave him details of the work that was done on the bike.

    Happy ending after all!
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  12. Gotta luv a happy ending :love::love:
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