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Problem with the forums?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pepito, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. Is there a problem with the forums today?

    Wasnt sure the first time but I've had two posts disappear?


  2. No problem that I am aware of.

    Where your posts controversial? :p
  3. Not at all.

    It was just a post letting people know about a ride to Flinders on Sunday.

  4. You think you find it wierd, I had a thread I was sure I posted in Technical forums suddenly move itself to Bike Reviews. Overly enthusiastic moderators perhaps?
  5. Wierd is right. The more I post lately the lower my post count goes. Must be some sort of conspiracy :evil:
  6. Yep the same thing happens to me.. I always get reset back to 220 or something like that after a few days of posting... I have looked to see if the thread I posted in or my post were deleted but they weren't.. I think it is Aliens of some sort :shock: LOL.. I've gotten used to it know

    Lisa :twisted:
  7. Had some posts go missing myself also :-(
  8. I believe that the old threads are removed to make way for the new.

    Shame we are loosing all that old knowledge and contribution. :cry:
  9. No. We had a cleanup twice last year for space purposes, but not since. Only the classifieds are auto trimmed of old topics/posts.
  10. If you have a quick look through the forum topic of "Correct Grammar.....

    You'll notice a message in the middle relating to Helmet Cleaning.

    So there may be an issue with posts moving to different topics
    Extreme q vaporizer
  11. Grammar was split off from helmet washing. Mod (me) error is splitting off one of the helmet washing posts with the grammar posts. Been fixed now.