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Problem with starting the bike

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Law, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. So i was gonna take my bike out for a spin today everything was going well until i put my bike on first gear while the side stand was still out so the engine jus turn off and after that i couldnt get the bike to start again and everytime i press the start button the sound that it makes when you start your bike just get weaker and weaker and eventually it doesnt make any noise at all (headlight and all the other light that are suppose to be on are still on ) does anyone know what is wrong with my bike

  2. More then likely your battery is flat
  3. Have you tried clutch starting the bike?

    And what bike is it?
  4. it is a cbr250 double R i have had it for two weeks and i dont know much about bikes so no i havent tried to clutch start the bike and thanks for the reply :grin:
  5. try clutch starting it, i'd put money on it to say that'd do the trick

    Welcome to motorbike riding :grin: great choice of bike btw
  6. First of all, the battery is flat. Secondly if you get it started by clutching it, the battery may or may not hold enough charge to get it started the next time. Thirdly, given that it's a Honda, the voltage regulator may well be cactus, in which case you need to get it, (and probably the battery) replaced, and all will be well again.
  7. +1, the reg rec seems to be one of the more common things to go on the cbr250rr's. Fingers crossed it isn't, but if it is you could be up for about $300 from memory when it happened to me.
  8. Yea the guy that i bought it from told me that the bike have been sitting around for abit mayb thats y the battery is a little out of shape thanks both so much for the replies and yea i love the bike also it has the exact same colour as the one on your picture matchstick :grin:
  9. LMAO - perfect :LOL: :grin: