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Problem with heatproof paint on tyga exhaust

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ilovemynsr150sp, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. hey everyone, i have a small problem... yesterday after a ride i noticed the heatproof paint i sprayed on when i got it was missing on some spots... now i want to spray it again, i have to get ride of the first few old layers of paint dont i? what should i use to get it off coz i dont really wanna use sand paper, coulod i also use metal polish? regards, stef

  2. lol polish will prbery make it worse

    upload a photo of where on the exhust the area is and what type of metal it is
  3. Didn't the Tyga come with clearcoat over the base metal?


    Trevor G
  4. sorry cant take any pics at the moment zbike... its a mild steel system tho... so should i get rid of the rest of the old heatproof paint or just spray another few layers over it? and trevor g, the system did come i´n a clear coat but i was advised by tyga that this coat is very thin and would not hold long so i bought some heatproof paint to make sure i dont get any rust on it... thanks
  5. Once you have oil on the metal paint won't stick. It will need to be thoroughly cleaned of all paint and oil, then primed and painted. Depending on the finish you want, if you then add a clear top coat the finish will be glossy.

    What heatproof paint did you use?

    VHT requires you to bake the paint for it to "cure". We got oil from our hands on the rear pipe of our VTR250 while fitting it, before it could be "baked" on the bike, and the paint has flaked at that point. Elsewhere it is rock hard.

    All the best

    Trevor G

    PS Any improvement in performance?
  6. I wouldn't think you need to stip the paint completely again. You will need to rub it down all over with some very fine sandpaper, and where it has flaked off will require some heavier sanding until the edges are smooth.

    And, as mentioned above, it has to be absolutely spotless. Get yourself some Prepsol, or something similar to make it easier.
  7. i though all heatproofs where one shot tno priming invoved.

    just spray over the area dont sand or anything if u dont know what ur doing it will just look crap
  8. hey guys, thanks for all your reply and hints... i sanded down most of the paint, where it was flaking off and then sprayed it, drove around for an hour just let the paint warm up and then settle and get hard...worked out perfect and looks better than before :) and trevor g, yes i noticed a drastic improvement in performance, the sound is also much better than stock, i would recommend this system to anyone with a nsr and its so cheap you cant go past it :p cheers, stef